About TPK & Contact Info

Welcome to the Pantyhose Kingdom!


Above is me, The Pantyhose King.

So why the website? It boils down to two words: fetish and fashion.

For example:


I love men in nude sheer pantyhose. Shaved legs in nude hose is my personal kink. However, I love a male body in pantyhose in general. Since I knew I was not alone in this passion of mine, I created this site as an outlet for others to explore both their own fetishes and fashion in a judgement free-zone.


This is a site where men who love men in pantyhose can see all new material (reposting images is so 2003). If there is a picture posted then there is a person who can be contacted. We are also ever expanding into film, subscription service goodies and any and all things that encompass men in pantyhose!


WARNING: This site contains adult themes and is intended for audiences 18 and up.

**Passwords change often, so email me at thepantyhoseking@outlook.com if you’re subscriber and need password assistance!**

For more information, please contact me at



  1. Yousif

    I’m yousif I contacted with you before I send my pics in pantyhose and there’s understanding mistake between us so I’m sorry and I have alot of nude pics for myself I want to sent you

    Liked by 1 person

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