The Pantyhose Kingdom Q&A

I have created a little Q&A for the members of the Kingdom to download and send back to me at my Twitter account. You can also send it to my email. Include a picture if you wish! I will post the results up here! You can download the Hose Q&A word doc here. Below is mine. Enjoy!      Read more

Lucas Feng

This is a sexy new debut from Chinese model Lucas Feng who was gracious enough to share his pics with the Pantyhose Kingdom within the first day of sharing his sexy pantyhose pics on the internet. Below are the first of what we hope are many of Lucas’s contributions! If you want to reach him directly, his email is 675368189@qq.comRead more

Sexting as a Slave

(The above photo is me and the mystery man circa 2007. All the photos of me below are also from that same era.) I wasn’t always a king. In fact, there was a time where I toyed around with being a slave. Of course, I was young, but I feel like it gave me a good perspective into what makes a healthy dom/sub dynamic. The guy who the following conversation is with was one of my first and favorite menRead more