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Tights Swimmer (Dan)




Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.

When did you first notice other boys wearing hose and/or who was the person who inspired you to try out hose? How old were you?

Ever since I was very young (10 or so) I was fascinated by pictures in books or films on our black and white telly with men in tights; mostly fairy tales, pantos, classic films such as Robin Hood, ballet, etc. One year my primary school did a massive production of Alice In Wonderland where more than half of the boys and girls dressed up as the playing cards and all of them had to wear black or red tights, and I was mortified that I was one of five pupils chosen to play the talking trees for which we just wore a cardboard tube over our own school uniform, so no chance to wear tights then. I was always wondering what it would be like to wear tights as I knew that there was something nice about wearing something so tight and stretchy and there were more and more occasions in the 1970s when you would see men in tights on TV, such as David Bowie in glitter tights in Space Oddity or Ali Bongo in his weekly Saturday Morning TV extravaganza.

How old were you when you first wore?

I finally plucked up the courage to do what I always wanted to do when I was in my mid-teens
and attending a summertime kids’ club at a museum some miles away from home; among the huge collection of craft materials were some old pairs of nylon tights so I cunningly smuggled one pair home and started from there; I also managed to buy the odd pair from jumble sales and always very carefully hid them from my parents and disposed of them carefully after they were finished with.

How old were you when first associated hose with cumming?

Almost immediately that I tried the first pair on as above; I often used to wear them in the bath, get wet and soapy and have the most unbelievable fun, but then I always had to very carefully smuggle them away to a bin outside of home once they got worn out.

Do you shave your legs? If not, please say why.

I have never liked shaving my legs although I am very hairy all over; I find it hugely attractive to have a full hairy chest, armpits -and legs- while wearing nothing but a pair of hose. However, when I started doing drag nearly 20 years ago, (due to my discovery that there was a whole subculture of ‘drag queens’ as well as TVs who openly wear tights with dresses/skirts on the gay scene). I did shave my legs from time to time because everyone was telling me that a ‘real’ drag queen must not have hairy legs; there is some logic in that, but for example, as a fan of patterned and lacy tights, I was always happy to wear colourful or lacy tights when doing drag rather than plain flesh colour, and anyway the drag scene nowadays is so much broader in terms of gender identity and I am very happy to still be doing drag in a more genderfluid fashion, sometimes even with a beard/moustache as well as hairy chest, hairy legs and all!


What is your favorite brand/shade/denier of hose?

Oh, my list for this would be SO long!!! I love any really multicoloured, striped or otherwise patterned tights, as well as leggings and full lycra catsuits, bodystockings and even neoprene swimming wetsuits. among my favourite brands of tights have got to be Cecilia de Raphael seamless ones, especially the ultra shiny style; also pretty well anything Wolford (especially patterned ones or Neon/Fatal), Pamela Mann and Jonathan Aston (Loads of patterned designs) Levante, and even Gypsy (some good patterned and colourful designs also) Le Bourget, Trasperenze and Oroblu (Some gorgeous patterns) are also great. Fogal are a bit hit and miss unfortunately; expensive but have a real tendency to ladder after only a few wears which really should not happen with such a premium brand. Finally, there are also the dance tights; the best seem to be Danskin (Great shine, and as worn by most drag queens) and Capezio, who also do body tights with shoulder straps, of which I have a few! Proper thick lycra footed ballet tights such as by Wear Moi and Baltogs are fantastic but again often very expensive.

Do you wear hose openly in public?


I have yes, with shorts. I usually wear them everyday under trousers, either at work or home.


When did you first have pantyhose sex?

I have only either had solo masturbation (loads of times) or very occasionally ‘frottage’ type sex rubbing up and down against each other when we are both wearing tights; I first came in tights when I must have been about 14 or 15 but the first time I managed
to have joint sex with another man in tights, under a shower, was when I was about 29 or so. It was absolutely amazing but the opportunity doesn’t come up very often at all

What is your biggest fantasy involving pantyhose sex? Have you achieved it?

My biggest fantasy is to be with a load of other men, all of us in tights or lycra bodysuits etc,
in a swimming pool, doing lengths, diving, etc. If you have ever seen videos of Cirque Soleil ‘O’ you will know what I mean; a lot of the performers are diving into water and doing acrobatics while wearing wet lycra catsuits; Also, being with other men in tights under a shower would be great; for example there are one or two great videos of a session with two men under a shower in tights from Gentleman’s Closet. Also I would like to be in a session where a load of us are all wearing nothing except for tights in every colour, pattern, etc. and covering ourselves in buckets of lube and rubbing up against each other getting the most unbelievable erections and ejaculation. One fantasy of mine which might be difficult for health reasons Re. STIs, would be Pantyhose Bukkake, where a whole group of naked men masturbate onto a pair of really sheer seamless tights and the last man to shoot his load would have to wear the tights for the rest of the evening; I would like to be that last man!

The closest I have been to any of the above is when I had a frottage session with another man, both of us wearing tights, and using lots of lube, at a monthly ‘men in lingerie’ night, CLUB LINGER at a club called Backstreet in London. This is pretty well the only night of its kind in the UK, but it is well worth travelling some distance for, even if you are visiting the UK from abroad.

What do you think of the Pantyhose Kingdom site?

Wonderful! Awesome! It would be a real tragedy if it cannot be kept open and I will be happy to do all I can to help everyone keep the site up and running.

When was the last time you wore?

A couple of night ago (tights) but I am wearing a pair of very tight shiny red leggings while I write this now.

When was the last time you came while wearing?

Last night under the shower in a pair of patterned lycra leggings, a couple of night ago in a pair of 60 denier red tights under the shower as well.

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