Pantyhose King: The Interview


TPK Star Member Saul approached me about wanting to do an in-depth interview with me on my evolution from Yahoo online chatroom user to “Le Roi”, as well as my sex life (in hose), my preferred brands to wear and how TPK has made it’s own mark in the world of men in pantyhose.

How did you get into wearing pantyhose?

I saw a play when I was about 9 or 10 where I saw guys wearing tights in it. From that moment I was fascinated.

How did you act upon it at that age?

I tried them on. My mom and grandmother’s.

How did you feel the first time you did?

Heaven. I was too young to be fully aware of how sexual it was but I had a raging boner.

How did you continue wearing as you got older, say into your teens and early 20’s. I dressed up in pantyhose for every Halloween costume I could.

I began to buy my own and wore them at night and jerked off in them. I also brought them with me to college and jerked off in them whenever I had a chance to. I even wore in public occasionally on campus.

Wow. Did you ever have pantyhose sex while you were in college?

No. It was a few years later for that.

Tell me about your early hose sex experience. Did the other guy wear or did he wear because you asked him to?



Does drag or aspects of drag excite you? Have you ever crossdressed before?

I wore heels and a corset with my pantyhose for a guy who hired me for a photoshoot. However I am more into pantyhose, tights and tightfitting clothes rather than crossdressing.

I always crossdressed on Halloween. Always wearing pantyhose.

Ah, yes.

How has the internet changed that for you?

It has changed everything. I went for years submitting my pictures to forums, not realizing that I had developed somewhat of a following. This went on for years until I realized I was pretty popular amongst the men in pantyhose community.

I was amazed at what I found when I searched for men in pantyhose for the first time.

Me too.

That is astounding. You were a pantyhose star before you knew it!

I suppose so. (laughs)

Tell me more about the sites you liked back in the early days of the web.

I remember Mike’s site. That was a really good one. I used to go to Winnie Cooper’s site a lot. But mostly Yahoo chat is where I established myself.

I remember those as well. Mike’s Guyz in Pantyhose was a great site.

The best. The first.

I remember sending Mike pantyhose in the mail!

Ha! I will ask him if he remembers that!

How do you feel about CL removal of their personal ads? Does it make it harder to find like-minded guys into hose locally?

No, I do not believe that it makes it any more difficult. More guys are into it than people realize. I would say that 25% have worn or want to try pantyhose. The real trick is being upfront about it and, let’s be honest, being physically enticing enough to sell it. Apps like Grindr and Scruff, those work fine.

I totally agree. Guys need to be upfront and honest.

In more ways than just pantyhose fetishes.

I think you hit the nail on the head.


What are your favorite color, styles and brands? How often do you wear pantyhose?

I love nude, tan, sheet to waist and am a slave to Cecilia de Rafael, Platino and some occasional oddball European hosiery. I have been going colorful lately for fun. Like my CDR Vidrio Lima hose…

What do you think of reinforced toe or support pantyhose?

I don’t mind reinforced toes as it is good for an active lifestyle, but support hose is too thick for me. I stick with 8-20 denier, tops.

Are you a fan of stockings or thigh highs?

I think they’re great accessories but only during sex or modeling.


I always have hose on underneath them too…

Yes! Do you wear pantyhose underneath your clothes? Do you wear pantyhose every day? Living in Florida does the weather make daily hose wearing difficult?

Yes, but I wear with shorts and I keep the denier low. When it’s 8 denier it’s not an issue. I don’t sleep in hose too often as that can be a bit much.

Understandable. I am lucky to be able to wear every day and sleep every night in hose. Do you wear your pantyhose once or more than once before you wash them?

Twice tops and then washed. Washed immediately after if used for sex. It’s good to keep them clean otherwise they can cause bad outbreaks.

How big is your hose collection?

I have a rotation of around 8-10 pairs at a time. I am very active so they do not last as long as some more sedentary wearing pairs might.

I can’t tell you how many pairs I have!

Budget stops me too. I can’t spend as much as I’d like, but life could be worse.

Tell me how you wash/care for them? What are your cleaners?

I use cold water in a sink with a Tide pod. Soak them for an hour minimum. Then rinse, soak again and drip dry. I occasionally wear pairs into the shower to get certain stains off immediately…hint hint…before I soak…

You are naughty!

Hey soaking your hose in cum is not a good thing!

How often do you have pantyhose sex? What do you think about sex without hose?

2-4x a month. I haven’t had sex without pantyhose on since 2015.


Would you have sex if it didn’t include pantyhose?

Yes, of course. But I would not be with someone who said no hose sex ever again either.

I agree. Do you ever look at guy’s feet, say when they are wearing flip-flops or something like that and wonder how they would look wearing pantyhose or wonder if they have ever worn pantyhose?

I can tell by looking at a guy if he is a wearer or curious to wear. They often wear exercise tights, skinny jeans and have shaved legs.

I don’t have any of those characteristics and I wear all the time.

You’re of a different generation.

Yes! Are you also into guy’s feet?

Feet are great.

I agree. A footjob or playing footsie in hose is awesome. Have you ever wrestled in pantyhose?


What was it like?

It turned into hose sex very quickly.

I bet! What are your go-to men in pantyhose websites?

I honestly focus so much on mine that I don’t have any go-tos anymore. I like mine because they are original images. But I do have a saved collection that I acquired over the years for my spank bank.




Why did you start TPK? Has it met your expectations?

I started TPK because I had been told I was good-looking enough to model hose and I knew a few other guys who wanted to pose as well. It was just gonna be a little side project, but when the site went from 100 to 10,000 hits in a month it became apparent it was more than just a side project. So it has gone beyond my expectations and then some!

Congratulations. You truly have done a great job! The incentives on the site are great. Have you had a good response to them?

Thank you, well it’s guys like you who keep it going. I just schmooze, punch in the codes and upload the pics. The response has been amazing.


I actually don’t think there is another site devoted entirely to men in pantyhose like yours.


Yes. That is why I made it that way. I felt that CD sites were common enough and had their own community.

Your site is also different because you showcase men who want to wear pantyhose, not just men who are getting paid to wear them.

That was another important factor too. Every model featured has the fetish and will continue to have it long after the site is gone.

Would you consider allowing personals ads on TPK?

That is a great idea! Of course it would be members who get the best system for that available.

It is slower sales-wise during the summer. Fall and winter is when the sales truly pick up.

Maybe because it is finally pantyhose weather!

That makes sense. We can only hope!

Stay tuned in the future for more informative articles by Saul, including proper care for cleaning hose and further interviews with yours truly (and other models) on…you guessed it…men in pantyhose!


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