TPK’s Future

Hello Hose Lovers,

I am writing this with a bittersweet feeling as I have decided as of January 2002 I will be closing the Pantyhose Kingdom. It is tough decision, as the site itself is doing very good, but I am just not able to qualify the time amount of time spent maintaining it to the amount of money coming in, and, more importantly, I would have to pass on other better-paying, non-pantyhose opportunities to make it worth it.


I know things are tough with the pandemic and money is tight for most people but if anyone could find it in their hearts to donate to TPK Fundraiser and help us reach the goal of $2500.00 ($1730.00 currently raised) I will keep TPK open for another two years minimum. As an added incentive, anyone who donates $25.00 or more will receive an exclusive link to many unpublished shots of your favorite TPK models and for anyone donating $75.00 or more will receive a thumbdrive with the complete TPK collection, which has over 10,000 photos (and files 12.8GB) and anyone donating over $200.00 receives all photos, videos and my own personal collection of over 4000 pantyhose pictures that are not featured on the site.

I do hope that we can keep the site going, as what started in 2017 as a small little pet project and certainly not something I imagined updating regularly over the next five years. I thank everyone who has subscribed, modeled or simply visited and please know that even though the site may not be here forever, I will always be part of the pantyhose scene (and I will keep the DISCORD chat open no matter what happens.

If you have any questions please email at

Thank you so much again.

Stay hosed!

-The Pantyhose King

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