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How old were you when did you first notice other boys wearing hose?

I had always been attracted and turned on by women wearing pantyhose since I was 10 years old. One day about 15 years ago or more I happen to be out of town traveling. Back then I used to log on to the internet and look for pictures of women wearing pantyhose. One night I ran across a website that said men wearing pantyhose. I looked at it and kind of laughed at it and thought oh well I’ll go look. When I entered the website I noticed it was pictures of men wearing absolutely nothing but pantyhose. I looked at the pictures and being a straight guy I just laughed at him. But to be honest in my mind I remember feeling my balls start to tingle and my cock start to stiffen. I looked at a number of pictures and shut the website down. I remember the next day at work I could not get the images of how a man’s cock and balls look under pantyhose. I got back to the hotel that night started looking at pictures and in the back of my mind I kept having such an attraction to go back and look at the men in pantyhose. After about an hour I went ahead and went back to that website and the rest of that night started searching for pictures of men in pantyhose. I was hooked at night. I found that men and pantyhose was extremely erotic and a major turn on. I just felt that their cock and balls looked so amazing and it was so erotic.

Was there a person or experience that inspired you to try wearing hose?

I  started wearing my mom’s pantyhose when I was about 13. I’d always looked in her Good Housekeeping magazines for pantyhose ads back in the seventies. I used to grab my sisters Glamour magazine and loved to look at the advertising of the ladies in very nice dresses wearing pantyhose. One day about 13 maybe 14 I happen to be home alone and a thought of putting pantyhose jumped into my mind. I went to my mom’s dresser drawer put them on and I remember the feeling. It was the most amazing soft silky feeling I ever felt against my body. I remember my cock stiffening hard. I would lay on my bag looked at it my legs and my cock on the pantyhose. I would get so turned on then I would roll over and rub my cock into the bed. I would then lean up with my arms arching my back and look backwards as I was thrusting and pumping my hips into the bed. The sight of my legs in my ass and pantyhose was a huge turn-on. I had to be very careful not to come in them and clean the pre come up. I have worn them ever since when I get turned on as an erotic sexual act for me to wear pantyhose and I still do to this day.

When did you first associated cumming with pantyhose?

When I turned fourteen in my cock just awoken I started to wear pantyhose. I immediately felt like coming in pantyhose because of the feeling. I had fallen in love with pantyhose when I was 10 years old. I would look at ladies legs in pantyhose and be just blown away by the soft beautiful silky look. I had already figured out that I love the shape of a woman’s leg and to me it was a most beautiful part of their body. And I’ve learned around 10 or 11 that they were wearing this very thin material that made it look so smooth and silky soft looking. I used to dream of wrapping my head my face my cheeks my body around a woman As She lays there and pantyhose. I wanted to just rub my face and her soft eyes and feel the smooth silky pantyhose. I dreamed of kissing and hugging their gorgeous legs. Then all the sudden when I hit 13 and my dick woke to the sounds of puberty. I remember one day looking at a picture of a woman’s legs and ask all those previous thoughts and popped into my mind a new one entered a new one in the number one spot. The thought of what would it feel like if I slid my cock up and down her beautiful legs and felt that soft silky feel of the pantyhose across my shaft. At that age is when I first started to come looking at legs and pantyhose. As I wore them and rub my cock in a bed and absolutely exploding into the nylon. The times I would grab a picture out of a Glamour magazine for my sister and staring at them and admiring the beauty and getting rock hard I would wrap my hands around my shaft and as I stared at the beautiful legs fantasizing about touching kissing and ultimately rubbing my cock all over her soft legs until I came. So I started attaching sex started attacking the active coming with pantyhose at 13.

When did you first shave your legs and wear? If you don’t shave, please say why.

I do not shave my legs. I will be honest and say I would absolutely love to shave the hair and have nothing but soft smooth skin. However living in North Florida I wear shorts everyday. Everybody would notice that I’ve shaved my legs and I’m not ready and cannot do that. I don’t want my friends or my kids noticing and asking why is Dad shaving his legs. So I’m not the kind of guy who is open about all this I keep it to myself. So I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to shave my legs.

What is your favorite brand/shade/denier of hose?

I will say that I love them all. I’m such a fetish for pantyhose that I don’t know there’s too many I don’t like. But to break it out and be honest and start picking which are my favorite I’ll say it this way. First the look. To me there are three types of looks. The look of just a very subtle very small subtle shine or a sheen and almost more of a matte look. II would be like a medium shine or medium shimmer, almost like a soft glow. And then the third for me is a very shiny pantyhose that looks like you have a lot of oil and is a very bright shine. I think if I really thought hard about it I want to say off the bat that everybody loves the bright shine but I think my first true love is the medium sheen or shine or almost glow. I remember in the 70’s in the 80s and even the pictures I see today when it’s more of just a very soft sheen or light glow. I think that’s my favorite style. My second favorite style which is very close to the first but I would have to say in second place is the very shiny pantyhose. That kind that you look at it and a girl is walking by and she’s got that bright shine just running from the hemline to her toe. Very soft silky look. My third favorite would be just the very very small gloss, maybe it’s more of a flat Matt looked.

My First Love honestly were Legg’s sheer energy. Back in the day when I used to put my moms pantyhose on they didn’t have much of a shine but I was in such love with pantyhose. They are more of the matte look but they were still so soft looking. One day walking by my sister’s room I noticed a pair of pantyhose on the bed. After looking at it I can tell they were different than my moms. When I came to find out if she were Sheer Energy. I remembered the shine and the sheen my sister always had on her legs, more than my mom. And it hit me that’s when I knew there were differences. So to this day I have a old-fashioned love for sheer energy. That would be a medium shine. However I’ve learned there are much better quality brands that give the same medium shine. Cecilia de Raphael makes medium shine. Pretty Polly and Wolford’s all these make pantyhose that have such a beautiful medium shine that soft to the touch. My favorite brand however would still be Cecilia de Rafael. I have not been able to try Wolford’s yet but I hope to.

The denier is hard to say. I love all types of pantyhose from the 40 denier all the way to 7. The very sheer tend to be much more shiny like CDR. I love that look. I know that’s the very shiny and I said that the shimmer meeting was my favorite but like I said it was very close to the first. The tights I love because they are very soft. The funny thing is I have found tights to be actually a very soft silky material feel that I really enjoy. The CDR Vidrios have a very waxy feel. So the funny thing is I almost think tights feel better and are solved through and have more of a material silk feel where the shiny ones are visually pretty or to me but don’t have the silky soft feel that tights too. But it’s so visual stimulating I would still have to go with the medium to the high shines.

When did you first have pantyhose sex?

Probably in 2018? Hosed guys here are super hard to come by, even in the city. 

Have you had pantyhose sex? If so, who with and what did the experience feel like for you?

I have always fantasized about pantyhose sex. To me the definition was my fantasies that always had as a kid. Rubbing my face of the woman soft smooth pantyhose covered legs. Then when I hit puberty to want to rub my cock on a pair of legs. The funny thing is I am a shy person and as I’ve said before I care way too much about what people think about me. So dating through high school I never let any girl know that I had a fetish for pantyhose. I never told anybody for the longest time because I felt like I was the only human being on this planet that for some reason was extremely aroused as sexually turned on by the sight of pantyhose. Even in my teenage years if I heard a girl mention the word pantyhose to her friend I would start to drip precum. But thought of you girls even saying the word pantyhose sexually aroused me. That’s how much I kept it inside and thought I was the only one so just the word drove me crazy. Seen pantyhose commercials on the television in the 70s and early 80s cause an erection every time. So my first pantyhose sex was when I got married. Even then at first I never told my wife about my fetish. No I don’t want you to think that I went years. I slowly dropped a hint to her as we were dating but never came out and said I love pantyhose. I would say things like you have really pretty legs. Then after we dated while I finally admitted to her that my most attractive part of a woman’s body the part that I like the most and find most attractive our legs. Even that I’ve always felt weird about telling a girl. To me growing up I was branded in my brain in the 70s that the only thing that turns you on is a woman’s tits and pussy. Everything else is just no more than a road to get you to what everybody really wants which is tits and pussy. To me all I wanted was soft beautiful legs. Don’t get me wrong I love everything about a woman’s body. I can appreciate beautiful breasts shoulders phase hear fingers. I love it all but sexually sexual eggs at what turn me on. So I even felt funny to tell a girl that she had beautiful legs. I felt that would be odd and weird because guys are supposed to be attracted to legs. So as I got past that and allowed my wife to know that I was attracted to her legs I finally slowly started to let her know that not only attracted but sexually. What she realized did I was sexually turned on by her legs The Next Step was to let her know about pantyhose. One day I just came out with it. I had a leg show magazine and I took it out and said I want you to see something. I told her this magazine depicts what I am sexually aroused and turned on by. She took the magazine and looked at it and flip through the pages. She looked at me and said I know you like legs but this magazine has lots of pictures about stockings and pantyhose. I told her I’m going to be honest with you this is what sexually turns me on. I have a sexual fetish and arousal for women in pantyhose. It wasn’t a big deal for her she would wear them. So I remember the first time I said I had always had a fantasy as a child of rubbing my cock on a woman’s legs wearing pantyhose and I would love to do that. I remember her getting up going to the bedroom and coming out and nothing but a pair of pantyhose. She sat on the side of the couch and I rub my cock all over her legs and had the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. That was my first time having pantyhose sex.

What is your biggest fantasy involving pantyhose sex? Have you achieved it?

I kind of mentioned this above but all kind of delve into it a little deeper. It’s pretty straightforward. My biggest fantasy about having sex with pantyhose has always been the feel how soft and smooth and silky material must feel across my shaft balls and cock. When I was growing up and I would see a girl in pantyhose what happened in my mind is I’m very visual. As I think all of us guys are. So my visual impression as I looked at a woman’s leg I noticed how soft how perfect color and muscle tone that pantyhose created on a woman’s leg. As I said a leg to me is so beautifully shaped. Just something about the calf muscle in the thigh muscle. Something about the look of a woman’s knee when it’s crossed it’s so cute. The top of the thigh down to the foot the arch of the foot. The ass. So from the ways to the toes is so erotic to me because of the shape. Something about the shape of a leg when they stand and walk and sit. So when I saw pantyhose covering the Sheep this part of the body that was so beautiful to me and then all the sudden it created this body part to denial Looks So Soft. I remember as a child just looking at their legs as they crossed them and the calf muscle as it popped out as their legs crossed. How cheaply but now it’s just looks so smooth. I would see the lights awfully dance across their calf muscles and over the Archer their foot into their heels. Carter 5 looks so soft and tender. The visual aspect said in my brain that must be the softest silkiest smoothest touching thing that if my cock punched it it must feel so incredible like velvet. So my brain for years and years because I was shy and never got a chance to touch a girl’s legs and pantyhose. My brain kept building up this expectation of what it’s going to feel like. So my fantasies as a child was to rub my cock up and down the saw smooth texture of their calf muscle. To take my cock and slide it in and out from where their knees come together when they cross. That little hole that’s created between the top of one knee and the bottom side of the other as a cross. To have a woman lay on her stomach and slide my cock down into the crease between the two calf muscles are the two thigh muscles. I love the look of a woman’s knees when they’re crossed. So I’d love and fantasize about sliding my cock up over the knee and down the thigh. So I did a tri my sex fantasy. After I opened up to my wife she would wear pantyhose for me if I asked. I would slide my cock up and down and all over. Set my fantasy did come true to the most part but not all. My wife knows about my pantyhose fetish she’s known since we’ve been married. However she doesn’t understand it nor does she play into it. So what that is caused is the point to where my other fantasies never come true. I want to be one in a relationship like I see on the internet or the wife loves the fact that her man has a fetish for pantyhose and absolutely plays into it with them. She wears them and teases him. She’s made dress him in it and they have all kinds of fantasy play. Maybe watch pantyhose pussy together. Check out pictures of girls in pantyhose together. Just open up and have lots of fun. I do not. That’s why I now come to websites. To feed the beast to feed the fetish that I have that needs more. So my sex leg sex fantasy came through but there’s so much more that did not. This whole erotic world of pantyhose and erotic play is what I strongly desire. So I have not quite achieved that all the way.

Have you ever worn pantyhose in public?

As I have mentioned before that I am still very closed about my pantyhose fetish and have never told anybody that I wear them I have worn them out. When I used to travel for work I would be in a hotel late at night searching for pictures of pantyhose stories for pictures of girls in pantyhose or anything pantyhose related. I would wear my pantyhose in the hotel room. I would have a large and severe urge to walk outside. I have always wanted to be seen in pantyhose to see the reaction. I have a desire for people to see me to see if they think I look hot and sexy or is it wild and kinky. My other half tells me I’m terrified what if people call me names are say what a weirdo he’s wearing panty hose. That’s just who I am I guess I’m the kind of person that cares too much what people think. So I have this split 50/50 side of me a battle going on to be seen and afraid to be seen. My ability to go out in public over the 15 years has really grown. It started in the hotel room do I have the guts to walk out in the hallway and walk up and down and then back in the room. I would walk out the room what a thrill and to jump back in the room before somebody open the door. My fantasy to my mind sometimes as I walk would be maybe somebody opens the door and looks at me and says wow you look great. My guts I guess you could say allow me then to sneak out the back door say 1 in the morning. To walk down the sidewalk in the darkness but underneath the streetlights to see if a car would drive by and notice. What a thrill to have a car drive by at 1 or 2 in the morning as I walked by in my shorts and pantyhose the thrill to wonder if they notice. No one ever did. As far as I know. I did this many times as I traveled out of town for work. Driving around in my car and pantyhose. When the biggest step came was about 10 years ago I found an adult novelty store tucked away in a small strip mall you can say. Somewhat off the main road away so I felt like no one would see me. I remember the first time I went in with my pantyhose on in my shorts. Scared where the girl noticed thrilled with a girl notice. After talking to them and pointing out that I have a fetish for pantyhose. I remember the very first girl was thrilled and thought I looked great. And did that feed the fire. The shortest answer up over the 10 years that I’ve gone to this novelty store I love to go in and find brand new employees to break the news that I’m wearing pantyhose to see the reaction. Over the years I’ve had some just say I look fantastic all the way to some just saying that’s nice. I even got to the point where I had the guts I would go in and if the girl was really excited I would tell her I have a skirt and heels in my vehicle. I remember them saying they would love to see me. I would go inside in skirt pantyhose and heels in walk around. I remember the girls just being thrilled. So many of them thought I looked fantastic. To finish it up my biggest in public pantyhose was in the last year. I wanted to be seen so bad so I decided to go to a gay bar. I figured it would be more open-minded and with everything going on today or you can wear women’s clothes and all the other stuff going on this would be my opportunity. So I’ve been about five times to a gay bar. What a thrill to be sitting out in public at a bar wear pantyhose. I wear them with my shorts not a skirt but I hope someday to have the guts to walk into one wearing a skirt pantyhose and heels.

When did you meet the Pantyhose King? What do you think of the site?

I have always search the internet for anything pantyhose related. Andover all these years since The Internet’s been out I’ve run across many many pantyhose sites. I ran across the Pantyhose King on FetLife. I guess I ran into his profile and read it and liked looking at his pictures. My pantyhose fetish has grown. I’ve always said that my pantyhose is the axle to the wheel of my sexuality. And then the spokes to the wheel would be new things that I learned that turn me on. And one of them as I mentioned above is seeing men in nothing but pantyhose. So when I ran across this site and saw his legs and knees and beautiful silky smooth sheer skin color pantyhose, I was attracted. I believe I also ran across him on Skype about a year ago or more. We actually talked on Skype. We talked about pantyhose and being able to come out about your pantyhose. Although we have different thoughts, he’s very open and has no problem walking around in daylight out in public in pantyhose. I’ve explained to him that I’m different. I have a different personality and we’re not all alike. I can’t do that. I don’t think I ever will. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a lot in common and have a good time chatting.

When was the last time you wore? When was the last time you came while wearing?

The last time I wore pantyhose was yesterday. As I said my wife knows about my pantyhose fetish but doesn’t really do anything with it and doesn’t really try to. So for all these years I’ve created this double life I guess. When I’m home alone all I want to do is wear pantyhose. So what do I do. My biggest turn-on probably over the last 10 years or a little more is to cross dressed from the waist down. I know that sounds funny because I said the biggest turn-on for me about a man and pantyhose is a man wearing nothing but pantyhose. I do not generally look at crossdressers. I just like the side of a man’s body encased in pantyhose and nothing else. The funny thing is for me I’m opposite. I however love to wear women’s skirts and heels. When I put pantyhose on I want to do more than just wear pantyhose. I want to feel and look like a girl. My girl side my feminine side wakes up. When I look in the mirror from the waist down I want to see a woman. So I love wearing a skirt and heels with my panty hose. I love to look in the camera or the mirror and see a beautiful pair of women legs from the waist down. My biggest turn-on is when I place pictures on the internet let’s say FetLife. And have a guy email me and say my legs are beautiful and gorgeous and I look so feminine. The biggest turn-on for me is a guy to say if I didn’t know you were a man I would have said you were a woman because from the waist down you look no different than a beautiful girl in pantyhose. So that’s funny because I don’t look at crossdressers. But I myself love the cross dress from the waist down. So what I love to do is to get home when I’m alone and put it. I love the put on my pantyhose grab a skirt and heels. I go to one of my favorite websites called Paltalk. I know in today’s world there’s newer ones but there’s something about this one because it’s more private is more personal. So I take my camera I sit in my chair. I love to look feminine and woman. So I generally go into a gay chat room. I turn on my camera and sit like throwing a fishing line into the water. I wait. I turn on my video camera and see my own image in my view window. I can see exactly what these men in this room are seeing. To me my legs look so beautiful I get hard just looking at my own legs and they skirt and these heels. And then all the sudden it will happen. An instant message window will pop open. The thrill to hit okay and to read what they write. Examples are your legs are phenomenal. Your legs look so beautiful in those pantyhose and those skirt. Wow what a hot looking pair of legs. Then the conversation will go from there. So many different things I say. I like to fish and reel them in. See if I can get them to talk more about my legs in my panty hose. And then the ultimate is to turn the camera on privately for them and the instant message window. To pose and walk around for them in the camera like a sexy woman. Do you hear them jacking off in the say how incredible I look. So the last time I did this was yesterday. Answering these questions I’ve noticed some are kind of interlinked. So the question is when was the last time I let loose and jacked off an exploded in pantyhose. Again that would be yesterday. What I’m on Paltalk or I’m showing somebody whether it’s on Skype doing a live leg tease. I am so erect and aroused. The thought that somebody’s looking at me and getting absolutely hard and arouse just as I did when I stare and still do at Women’s legs in pantyhose. You have to understand that when I wear pantyhose and I put that skirt and heels on I am playing out and do an every pose every fantasy every dream that I had as a child of women posing for me. When I do these poses I’m thinking of everything that turn me on as a teenager. All those times I looked at magazine pictures and advertisements of women in pantyhose. Our television shows and watching the women walk so feminine Lee and sit and cross their legs. I do all those now. I do those to turn a man on like all these women did to me. So I love to show my legs on these sites. The Hira man Jack and his cock off as he looks at me. They are and moan and talk about how gorgeous my legs are. As I walk and sit they hear him making noise when the light dances off my legs in a certain way. Just as I do and did two women. To slowly move the camera up my shaft to my head comes in the site. To see the pre come all over the tip and into the panty hose. I find Capri come to be so erotic and sexy. It’s different than a big thick load of calm. It’s clear and liquid but sticky. I think it’s a erotic. So as I heard him about to explode I would take my finger and slide it up my shaft to the point that I exploded come all in and through the pantyhose. As he saw lit he ejaculated at the same time. I absolutely love turning men on so I love to wear whenever I get a chance.

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