How to Meet Other Pantyhose Wearers: A Guide

I have heard many guys say they have trouble meeting other pantyhose wearers. I do not have that problem. I am not saying this to brag (ok, maybe a little), I am saying this because I utilize a system that actually works for me instead of against me. I will now share this information with you so you too can enjoy the silky goodness of pantyhose hook-ups. It is actually pretty simple. Only one rule, with a few subsets to it. Are you ready?


What do I mean by this?

A) No blank profiles and make your stats are truthful. Anyone who ignores this will never get what they want and they don’t deserve to either. If you put zero effort and honesty into your game, don’t expect to win.

B) Make a profile of yourself wearing pantyhose. It doesn’t have to include your face or anything identifiable. Just let people know you wear pantyhose and that you are a real person. And I must stress that THE PHOTO ACTUALLY BE OF YOU. Catfishing is not a crime, but it should be. Here is a piece I wrote on how to take good pantyhose selfies.

C) Put these profile(s) on hook-up sites. Grindr, Fetlife, Scruff, Recon, the list goes on and on. You gotta go where your audience is.

D) Join online communities. You can start by a click on the SUBSCRIBE: TPK ROYALTY MEMBERSHIP for starters! There are other sites too, of course, but once you use this site, they are all gonna suck in comparison. Ok, is pretty awesome too.

E) Be brave. Be open to cam2cam and never flake. I know alot of you are terrified of being identified by someone else while you wear but here’s the good news: if you are camming with another pantyhose wearer, they too have the same concerns and it negates any blackmail possibilities (and no one is ever going to actually do that, honestly-it’s never happened to anyone I have known and I know A LOT of wearers). And do not flake if you get someone on the line. Not only will that person possibly never reach out to you again but you will never get over your own fears if you no show at the last minute.

Another way to get other people who are into hose to notice you is to wear pantyhose publicly. But it’s ok if you need time to get there. Baby steps.

Try out these tips and see if you are not finding other hose wearers much easier. I also listed below some shots of myself with other wearers I met using these simply rules. I hope they inspire you to get some action for yourself!

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