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Nick/ SpandexNinja72
Indiana USA
When did you first notice other boys/girls wearing hose/who was the person who inspired you to try out hose?
My sister was a ballet dancer growing up. I noticed it there and I also noticed it when I visited my mom at work that all the girls were wearing tights. Plus I was a superhero fan and I had always heard that heroes wear tights. Seemed odd that only girls were wearing them though. After seeing so many performances I decided to sneak a pair of my sisters ballet tights. Felt amazing. I pretended I was some superhero in the comics. I thought I had out grown it by high school but then the dance team along with my crush where wearing shimmery danksin tights…I knew then I’d never shake my hosiery fetish.
How old were you?
I’d say I was about 9 or 10 at the time I first tried them on.
How old were you when hose became something you could associate with cumming?
13. I was looking for pantyhose porn on line in the wild west days of the internet (2001 ish) found a super-heroine in distress fetish site. Saw the brave do gooders getting tied up and being forced to cum….I soon joined them in their struggles.
When did you first shave your legs and wear? If you don’t shave, please say why.
I first shaved back when I was in my early 20’s. I love the feel but it is hard for me to maintain. I’m quite hairy sadly plus I live with family so having smooth legs in the summer time would raise some eye brows.
What is your favorite brand/shade/denier of hose?
Hmmm tough- I like thick dancer hose. So anything 50 denier above with glossy finish is what I like. Think Hooters peavy hose. I love danskin dancer tights as well. Lately I’ve been wearing some CDR. Love the shine and feel of those in the warmer months.
When did you first have pantyhose sex?
Have not had it yet.
What is your biggest fantasy involving pantyhose sex? Have you achieved it?
Two come to mind. I’m dressed in some hose and nothing else. My hands are bound above my head to the bed post and my feet are spread. She walks in wearing a leotard and shiny hose. She then blind folds me and teases me til I come.. The other involves us both as captured hero’s bound and gagged facing each other with a dual action vibrator in between us in between our legs. We mmfff helplessly as we can’t prevent our climaxes.
When was the last time you wore?
When was the last time you came while wearing?
Also Saturday =)

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