Mike’s Guys in Pantyhose

Back in the late 90’s, when the internet was in its infancy, a 16 year old me stumbled upon Mike’s Guys in Pantyhose. Mike, the webmaster, was everything my pantyhose loving teenage mind wanted: smooth legs, muscular body, always dressed in sheer nude hose and, perhaps the most important of all, he showed his face.

Mike is the reason I too showed my face in my own pantyhose pics. I knew it was how to be recognized, to be wanted. Mike was (and is) a personal hero of mine and we have stayed in touch over the years. Although he is long since retired his public pantyhose persona, he was kind of enough to do a q&a for TPK.

What was the name of your men in pantyhose website you started? What year did you first publish it?

The name of the website – as I remember was: Mike’s Guys in Pantyhose The year of publication? Late 1990’s. 97? 98?

You were not just the first to make a website, but you also showed
your face as well as sexual imagery. What gave you the courage to do so?

Courage to show my face? As far as I’m concerned, a photo of a body or torso in ph (sheergear) is nice – but without putting a face with it – the photo has no identity. The real sexuality and sensuality is when a real person is wearing and is proud of this fact. I told my friends about it – and they checked out my site – and they thought it was hot. The courage came from not caring what other people thought of my fetish. I owned it.

How was the public reaction at the time?

The public? All positive – because it was only found by guys wearing. There may have been a couple comments not understanding and a bit critical – but I dismissed those easily.

At what time did you decide it was time to retire from the men in pantyhose limelight?

I fell for someone and started a relationship. It was time to change my direction inward towards my man instead of outward.

How old were you when did you first notice other boys wearing hose/who was the person who inspired you to try out hose?

No one inspired me. I’ve always loved the look/feel of the material since super young. Only when I became out and free was I able to explore this true fetish and passion. Taking ballet for 5-6 years in my 20s/30s was as close to pantyhose as I could get – and I loved wearing tights while taking classes – of course.

How old were you when hose became something you could associate with cumming?

Began with see-through underwear and the ballet tights. Hot sheer nylon men’s underwear at the time made me explode. 🙂

When did you first shave your legs and wear? If you don’t shave, please say why.

I’ve done both – completely shaved my body (the Southern California way) – which made the ph really exploit my legs and butt muscles. However, I didn’t like the nubs and the work shaving all the freaking time. I changed my attitude towards hair – as I found men in SF found it hot on me – and I enjoyed this attention. Now – I like trimming just enough to have both hair and muscle definition. Still takes work.

What is your favorite brand/shade/denier of hose?

Favorite brand? No nonsense sheer to waist. Tan. Feels the best and they are not tight. They feel great wet too. A long time ago they made these without the gusset – which were amazing. I cut the thing out now.

When did you first have pantyhose sex? Have you ever had same sex pantyhose sex?

First ph sex? Don’t remember…but I’ve introduced so many muscle guys to it over the years – I can’t count how many times I’ve had ph sex with both of us wearing – with our cocks hard as rocks – trying to bust through the sheer. Wow!

What is your biggest fantasy involving pantyhose sex? Have you achieved it?

PH sex fantasy? Being tied up completely sheer neck to toes – and the ph being torn off of me – by 3-4 guys in ph as well. Yes – this did happen out at my pool at 3 am. BOING!

How did you come across The Pantyhose Kingdom? What are your thoughts
on it? How has pantyhose websites changed since you pioneered your
original site?

Haven’t really explored other sites for a long time. Too much on Xtube etc… showing guys in hose. Lucus DVDs show hot men in PH. Very hot..

When was the last time you wore? When was the last time you came while wearing?

What time is it? Give me 6 minutes. 🙂


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