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He was a shy guy who has transformed into one of the few models willing to show his face while they wear pantyhose: Gentleman (and the occasional lady) I present to you DJ Bakelite!





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DJ Bakelite




Manhattan, NYC, NY, USA

How old were you when you first noticed other boys/girls wearing hose and/or who was the person who inspired you to try out hose?

It was in 4th grade, about 10 years old, when I wore pantyhose for the first time. I was spending the night at a friends house.  My buddy’s sister thought it would be fun to dress us up as girls to try and trick their parents into thinking we were her friends from school.  It didn’t work but in the transformation they had me in pantyhose.  I didn’t know at the time the tingling sensation I was feeling with them on was arousal; I was a late bloomer. But now, looking back on it, that moment is the moment my love of pantyhose started. 

How old were you when hose became something you associated with cumming?

Freshman year in high school, when my testosterone began to surge, I had stolen a pair of pantyhose from a theatre production I was in. I cut them up to look like mesh underwear.  I loved the way they felt on my penis as much as I enjoyed how they looked wearing them when I looked at myself in the mirror.  I was not able to cum as of yet.  I was too afraid to cross that line, but I sure did spend a lot of time with my hands inside my homemade pantyhose material underwear.

When did you first shave your legs and wear? If you don’t shave, please say why.

I actually enjoy having hairy legs in my pantyhose.  When I do shave, at least when I have in the past, in preparation of wearing pantyhose, it has always been for the enjoyment of someone I am playing with.  Personally seeing a hairy crotch or ass under pantyhose material is a huge turn on for me.  It ads to the mind fuck in my head of seeing a rugged dude encased in silky and sensuous material.

What is your favorite brand/shade/denier of hose?

I like Legg’s brand a lot.  They are relatively inexpensive and keep their shape rather well after a long day of work if worn under my jeans or sweats.  West Loop and Leg Avenue both have some great stockings and pantyhose to choose from as well.  Though on the more expensive side, I love my Doyeah Men’s Trunk hose.  The quality and shine is amazing.  The sheath in the front of the hose for my penis to sit in is really cool. The way it feels to have my manhood encircled in such stretchy, shiny, silky material is intoxicating.  I am also a fan of Capezio tights and men’s basic running tights. makes some great custom designed tights.  You can choose the color, style, and size and in a week or two you have your own custom pair., and are both great manufactures of mens tights as well.

When did you first have pantyhose sex? Have you ever had same sex pantyhose sex?

As a gay man all my sex is homosexual whether I a wearing pantyhose or not. My first pantyhose sex was about 10 years ago.  A gentleman from out of town had me come over to his hotel.  He said he had a surprise for me.  On the bed was an elaborately wrapped package from Victoria’s Secret.  He told me to open it and try on whatever was inside.  He had picked out a number of stockings and panties for me to wear and show off in for his amusement.  I think he enjoyed the fact I couldn’t keep my erect penis in the lace panties he chose for me.  He kept trying to help me put my throbbing cock back behind the lace every time it fell out.  Each time he touched it through the material I would get even more turned on.  Needless to say the sex we had with me in my hose and panties and him feeling me up all over in my sexy clothes was exhilarating exciting.

What is your biggest fantasy involving pantyhose sex? Have you achieved it?

I would love to be part of a big pantyhose orgy where all the guys involved are in pantyhose playing with each other.  I think that would be a wonderful and extremely erotic experience.  I would also love to be dating a dude who would be in hose with me all the time. To be in a relationship where coming home from work and washing off the day to get into some sexy hose to relax in with the guy I am dating is a great fantasy of mine. I would like it if men wearing pantyhose in general was not some dirty secret that had to be hidden away form other, but instead a fun and intimate way to express oneself and at the same time feel sexy and turned on. I am still hoping to achieve both of these fantasies.

How did you come across The Pantyhose Kingdom? What are your thoughts on it? What other features would you like to see added if you could choose?

I came across The Panthose Kingdom by accident.  I was looking for boys in pantyhose on Instagram and Tumblr and came across the Pantyhose King.  I thought how he was expressing himself was uber sexy and brave.  I wanted to be part of his world and cultivate some of that same sexual and personal confidence in myself. So, I reached out to him and a year later here I am.

When was the last time you wore? When was the last time you came while wearing?

I wear pantyhose almost everyday now.  I am still a fan of ‘boy’ underwear.  Indeed I have quite the underwear collection, a fetish that started long before I discovered the fun times that can be had in pantyhose. But recently I feel better and more turned on when I am in my hose.  I prefer being in those.  When I know they will not be an issue to wear during the day with work or social engagements, I will be wearing under my pants.  I hope soon that I will be brave enough to wear the all the time.  It would be such a thrill to only have the option to wear pantyhose as an undergarment when going out.  I could let everyone see just how nice and sexy it is for boys to be in pantyhose and, along the way, find me a couple of boys to play with that agree. 
As for cumming while wearing my hose, the last time I did that was a week ago.  I was so wound up that I couldn’t stop playing with myself.  Let me tell you, if you have never felt the sensual touch of pantyhose material hugging your penis and balls while you climax, you haven’t lived yet.  (wink)

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