Each month The Pantyhose Kingdom will be celebrating a brand/style of pantyhose that is truly amazing. For June 2020, the high hosed honor goes to:



WHERE TO BUY: Walmart/Target/CVS/Walgreens/Publix
PRICE: Around 5.00 a pair.
FEEL: 7/10. They might not be the finest of the fine but they are comfortable and work with an active style.
FIT: 10/10. These come big, gentleman. Q+ should fit a 6 foot tall frame and will be able to handle up to 360lbs.
DURABILITY: 9/10. The crotch is susceptible to wear and tear if you are into vibrating toy fun (and I hope all of you are) but they take a lot of thrashing before a run will show up.
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: These are the ideal “first layer” pantyhose. If you wear these as the first layer, you can easily slide on more expensive run-prone pairs of pantyhose (CDR, Platino, Falke etc) without a worry. Your fancy hose will slide up and on with am ease that is not going to happen against bareskin, no matter how smooth and they give the second layer of hose a vibrant stretch that only comes with a few days of wear. Plus the “Cool Comfort” panty and leg wicking technology really works. It is amazing, and this is coming from a wearer in sunny Florida!



You can pick up a pair here!

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