Pantyhose Selfies: Do’s and Don’ts

Ok, boys. You know this set-up.You got your new pantyhose on your (hopefully) freshly shaved legs. You maybe got a cute outfit paired with those oh-so-touchable-thighs. Maybe even got a little stain from your…enthusiasm. But when you post your pics online the response is not as big as you thought it might be.

Fear not. It most likely your lack of skills as a photographer, not your legs (or pantyhose choice) that is making you fall back into the endless redundant eddy of men in pantyhose pics that have been on the rise since the advent of the iPhone.

In order to make you and your hosed legs (and other sexy man parts) pop, here are some tips of the do’s and don’ts of hose selfie shots.

DO use mirrors and timers.


Hotness aside, why these two were chosen to model on my site is because they used what they had to create a selfie that seems like it was taken by another. The secret? Timers on cameras/phones (everyone has one of these) and large mirrors.

DON’T post a ton of variations of one single pose.

A shot of you laying in bed wearing hose is always sexy. Hell, five of them are sexy. But don’t be that guy who posts 60 shots of himself in bed, changing his toe positioning. It would be better to have 5 unique shots instead of the floodgate of laziness that one-pose-hose guys post in drones. It also doesn’t clog up people’s Instagram feeds.

DO use lighting and flash.


Above shows how to use basic interior lighting for hose sheen…


And here we see how flash can make things really…pop.


Above we see how the good outdoor lighting can be the shine even more impressive.

However, if you truly want to have an appreciative audience, the most important thing you can do for a fantastic selfie and a loyal audience is….

DO show your face!


A hot headless body in hose is sexy but nothing beats the intimacy, bravery and raw dog sexiness of a man who is not afraid to have himself photographed in hose. Note: you need not be naked to make your sexiness a stamp in the history of male hose wearers.


Also, for those of you worried some snooping person is going to stumble across you in pantyhose, it is all your in head. First off, wearing hose is not shocking. We all have legs. The act of wearing alone is not indecent. Just avoid anything pornographic and nobody has any reason to bring the photo up.

Second, men in pantyhose pics are not something people just stumble upon. Yes, there might be one or two of you that have controlling, vanilla spouses or jilted-ex’s-turned-obsessive-stalkers to worry about. The rest of you do not. Showing your face even in a clothed shot is enough to empower others to do the same and publicly normalizes an already normal private activity. Many men wear pantyhose…but it is the ones who wear them without shame that blaze the trail of hose wearing for the next generation.

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