Subscribers: How They Actually Rule TPK


“Send me photos of yourself in hose.”

“Skype with me in pantyhose.”

“I want to see more of your cock.”

“Why don’t you wear more colors? I love colored pantyhose.”

These are actual examples of some visitors of the site offering their constructive criticism. However, when I explained to them that I would do that only if the enrolled in our TPK Royalty Membership, their responses were less constructive and more…destructive.

“Nobody pays for porn anymore. You’re kidding yourself if you think you can.”

“You are not the only model here. I bet you’re taking advantage of the other guys.”

“25.00 for 6 months?! That is a rip off.”

“Charging money makes the photos tainted. Fetishes shouldn’t be co-modified.”

I am writing this to set the record straight. I may be “The Pantyhose King” but, make no mistake, this king works his royal ass off to keep the kingdom running.

FACT: I personally built, designed, uploaded all of TPK.

FACT: I purchased the domain space via WordPress out of pocket.

FACT: I kept TPK free for the first year of it’s existence.

FACT: I personally contact all the models to get original material.

FACT: All XXX materials were funded by me for the first year.

FACT: Updating the site regularly takes about 48 hours per a month.

I am sure most people do not think twice about the time and money that goes into a webpage. Why would they, especially if they have grown accustomed to that website being free? However, for every wonderful member who signs up there are three who don’t and they treat the (voluntary) membership fee as the works of a hustler/pimp/conman who wants money for nothing.

The truth is while I may hustle to promote my site, it’s only because I am the entire publicity department. As for being a pimp, none of the models I approach are asked to do XXX material; the people in those videos, so far, have been guys I have had sex with in my private life who wanted to be part of the site. Finally, once the money has gone to paying for the web hosting, photo editing (I do this as well), occasional hired photographers and hours spent making TPK streamlined for easy viewing…well, the gross profit is not exactly competing with studio companies like Gentleman’s Closet (which starts at 25.00 for a non-recurring membership). It’s hard work and below is an example of how sometimes the work goes from hard to infuriating…


There is good news though. Thanks to the devoted group of membership holders (you know who you are and you know I love you all) TPK is actually working. What does that mean?

-Site visitors have doubled in 4 months what originally took 12 months in 2017. 

-Costs  met for an upgrade in hosting.

-Added a public chatroom and a way for local hose guys to hook up discreetly. 

-More models for exciting XXX content. 

-Partnering with pantyhose sellers


I know I have said a lot and thank you for letting me vent. I love pantyhose and I love this site and, for better or worse, it’s become my baby. It is rewarding more often than not and that is because of the true fans. You guys…you are the true rulers of the kingdom.



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