Leg Shaving 101

If you are a guy into pantyhose, you may have thought about shaving your legs. If you have not shaved, read this article and then shave your legs immediately! Seriously. You’re missing out. In fact, outside of the guys who like hairy legs in pantyhose (there are a handful of you kink-within-a-kink hose lovers), to be unshaven and wear pantyhose is akin to enjoying your fetish by only 50%. You just have not worn pantyhose until you have worn them on smooth legs.

Of course, for all the pluses of shaving, there are a few minuses. These include ingrown hairs, shaving rash, spiky hair re-growth and confusion over proper skincare.

The following tips/grooming advice are what I found essential on how men can shave their legs without experiencing the pitfalls that often accompany it.

Buzz your surplus leg hair before you shave it.

If your hair is longer than two weeks or more of growth, you will need to buzz the hair short before you even touch it with a razor. I use a Philips Norelco Bodygroomer myself. Alternatively, you can use Nair to get rid of extra hair but unless you have very strong skin/thin leg hair, I would avoid any chemicals before a deep shave.

Prep your skin before shaving.

I recommend any moderately priced beard softener (Cremo Beard is what I use). Wet the hairs and spread the softener a few minutes before the shaving commences.

Invest in quality electric and disposable razors.

Translation: nothing disposable and (I can’t believe I have to say this) nothing designed for women. We are men. We are hairier. That’s the deal. Start with removing all long hair with a quality body hair groomer. They make razors for us; let’s take advantage of that.  I use a Mach 3 Turbo. It is expensive, yes, but the less you pay in cash the more you pay in ingrowns.

Wash the skin first. Then exfoliate the hell out of your legs.

Clean your skin first and foremost. Then get to exfoliating. I swear by Mr. Pumice. Remove all the dead skin you can before you even apply the shaving cream. This prevents ingrowns as well as releasing any that might be surfacing.

Shaving cream: the less creamy, the better.

Stick with a slick, non-lather shaving cream for an extra-close, extra-slick shave. Cremo Original Shave cream is great. You will also notice the slicker the shaving cream, the more use you will get out your razor-blades.

Take your time.

Shaving is not a marathon event. If you do not have time, wait until you do. Nothing causes irritation more than a fast, haphazard shave. The shave should begin with hot water to open pores and finish with cool to cold water to close them.

Dab your legs dry with a towel.

The skin is raw and running a towel over it is an easy way to send the hair growth inward.

Be prepared to moisturize.

I start with Mederma scar gel (this stops current ingrown hairs from forming scar tissue), then use Mederma oil (helps soothe any irritation and locks moisture in) and finish with Hemp Nation Sea Salt & Sandalwood moisturizer.

Do not make touch ups after 8 hours of shaving and leave at least 24 hours in between shaves.

Touch ups are allowed, but only if there is 8 hours or less in between shaves. If you do decide to touch-up, you are going to repeat the entire process I posted above. If more than 8 hours has passed, then wait at least 24 hours before attempting to shave again.

Get your legs waxed at least once a year.

This is an expensive procedure (around 45 per full leg) but waxing keeps you smooth for 3-4 weeks and reduces the thickness of your hair follicles after each session. Translation: what pay for in the salon you save in razor budget. The more you do this, the more you will benefit. Side note: yes, waxing is uncomfortable but it’s hardly fair to call it painful. I would give it a 4.5/10 on the pain scale and the pain lasts for a few seconds. A real man can handle leg waxing.

For serious ingrown hairs, ditch the tweezers and go for antibiotics.

DO NOT EVER TWEEZE, SQUEEZE OR UNEARTH ANY INGROWN HAIRS. This causes scar tissue to form, which will then cause the hair to continue to be ingrown with every cycle of growth. Also, tweezing is ineffective as it rarely removes the hair by the root and can often cause hair to split beneath the skin surface; the removal of the hair is merely superficial and the weakened strand can and will result in an ingrown hair. If a serious ingrown hair happens (you will know when it does), go to the doctor for a cycle of doxycycline (which will remove any interior infection and, with proper exfoliation and moisturizing, will allow the hair to eventually make its way up through the pores).

Follow these tips gentleman and you will find your legs (and the pantyhose you slide over them) rejoicing and begging to be touched.



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