How to Land Other Hose Guys

I hear a lot of guys say they have a hard time finding other guys to have pantyhose play with.

The truth is there are tons of guys who love to wear (or who are willing to wear) pantyhose with another guy, but for that to happen there has to be enough physical allure to make pantyhose a non-issue.

Basically: If you can get yourself into the best shape possible, you have more options and more options means more pantyhose play.

This is how I go about getting “non-hose guys” (aka the guys who have always wanted to wear but never have/guys who wear but are not open about it) into pantyhose and in my bed.

I sign on to Grindr (or it’s equivalent). I write a guy I like or he writes me. The conversation is usually the following:

GUY: What’s up?

ME: Just chilling in my tights.

GUY: Tights?

ME: Yeah.

GUY: Can I see?

If they ask “Can I see?”, you are likely to have them hooked. Also notice I don’t use the word “pantyhose”. Guys seem to have a block against that word (fear of being femme is a real issue for some of the more troubled ones) so I use the word “tights” instead. Interestingly enough, they don’t complain when I send the pic that reveals the sheer truth (sometimes 8 denier sheer).

If a man is attracted to you and you put your fetish out there, it is surprisingly easy  to get a guy who is hot for you to wear. After all, we men (myself included) are shallow when it comes to sex and if the guy is hot enough an article of clothing ain’t gonna change a thing.

Here below were some of my “Wore For Me” Guys.

Enjoy and then go out and do the same!

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