My First Slave

(You never forget your very first slave…)

From the archives, this is a chat from my first slave that I had. This chat is where I learned where I had power in my hosed legs, that I could bring immense pleasure and get paid to do it. It was a real turning point. Now, over six years later, I am the Pantyhose King. I have had many great and influential slaves sense this chat but I look back on it as a the beginning of what I (and pantyhose) would become one day.

dawnofthedead4040: 😉
phosejunkie26: hi
dawnofthedead4040: mmmm…how are you?
phosejunkie26: horny after seeing you online
dawnofthedead4040: how horny?
phosejunkie26: enough to use a butt plug
dawnofthedead4040: do it
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
dawnofthedead4040: I want you to fill yourself up
phosejunkie26: yes Sir
dawnofthedead4040: You fill that butt, you sexy slut man
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh putting it in…you are sooooooooooo fine  dawnofthedead4040: I love hearing that…love that I make you hot
phosejunkie26: unbelievably!
dawnofthedead4040: and I love your smooth silky legs
phosejunkie26: i want to smell Your pantyhosed feet out of Your running shoes
dawnofthedead4040: yes you do I will rub them all over you…mphhhhhhhhhhhhhh…you are so silky…that makes me so hard
phosejunkie26: yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…how old are You?
dawnofthedead4040: 29
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh HOT…i will buy Your ysed pantyhose
dawnofthedead4040: mmmm…really?
phosejunkie26: yessssssss…i’d love to be used by You
dawnofthedead4040: how long should I wear them?
phosejunkie26: long enough that the feet stink
dawnofthedead4040: want me to get sweaty in them too? blow a load or two?
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssss
dawnofthedead4040: does that make you hot? you want my used hose bad, huh?
phosejunkie26: i do!!!
dawnofthedead4040: I fucking love getting you hot, you slut…you’re under my spell
phosejunkie26: yesssssssss Sir. completely…i’ll do anything You want
dawnofthedead4040: Want me to take a picture of the pair you’ll get?
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhh please!
dawnofthedead4040: coming up
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
dawnofthedead4040: one sec
phosejunkie26: yes Sir
dawnofthedead4040: the feel so good on my silky legs

phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god…i just want to sniff the feet
dawnofthedead4040: I will put some socks on too…make them nice and sweaty
phosejunkie26: mmmmmm…yessssssss…i’ll pay You
dawnofthedead4040: mmmm…how much baby?
phosejunkie26: 50 dollars
dawnofthedead4040: You got it
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
dawnofthedead4040: for now though, let’s chat so I can get them juiced
phosejunkie26: put them in ziploc to keep smell n dampness in? i’ll do ANYTHING you want!! already got plug in
dawnofthedead4040: you got it… tell me…u want my cock?
phosejunkie26: i’m a total bottom! i wish You would fuck me?
dawnofthedead4040: for $75, I will blow all over the hose…right where u like it
phosejunkie26: ok!
dawnofthedead4040: you fucking love my legs dont you
phosejunkie26: i do
dawnofthedead4040: fuck, I would fuck you too
phosejunkie26: so smooth n thick n sexxxxy….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dawnofthedead4040: what color socks should I put on?
phosejunkie26: sheer black if You have them! or thin white no shoes
dawnofthedead4040: white, no shoes just for you… wanna see me in them?
phosejunkie26: yessssssssssssssss….pleeeaaaase
dawnofthedead4040: how bad do u want to see it?
phosejunkie26: i’m desperate
dawnofthedead4040: are my legs one of the hottest pair you’ve ever seen?
phosejunkie26: yesssssssss! by far!!! You’re so young n virile…. i’m an old fag desperate to please someone like You… mmmmmmmmmmm…i want to take my plug out and use a dildo…
dawnofthedead4040: stuff yourself to my pics….
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmm… yesss Sir
dawnofthedead4040: how much would you pay to touch them? im curious 😉
phosejunkie26: real time?? i’d pay You 300 dollars to sniff Your pantyhosed feet and rub Your legs in pantyhose
dawnofthedead4040: damn…too bad we aren’t close…
phosejunkie26: i know…where are You?
dawnofthedead4040: Florida
phosejunkie26: where?
dawnofthedead4040: St. Pete…how are the pics making u feel?
phosejunkie26: overwhelmed…i have a 3 bedroom house in New Orleans if You ever want to visit…
dawnofthedead4040: my legs are a little too hot? 😉
phosejunkie26: way too hot! are You straight?
dawnofthedead4040: nope
phosejunkie26: gay?
dawnofthedead4040: yes
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
dawnofthedead4040: You like that I like boys…make u even hotter?
phosejunkie26: yessssssssssssssss
dawnofthedead4040: how many times u think you have cum to my pics?
phosejunkie26:…a dozen at least… I want to sniff poppers
dawnofthedead4040: sniff some now…and jerk to me
phosejunkie26: yessssssssss tell me how long to sniff and hold
dawnofthedead4040: ive never done them…;)
phosejunkie26: oh
dawnofthedead4040: but I would love to try
phosejunkie26: hit some…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dawnofthedead4040: slut
phosejunkie26: yessssssssssssssss Your slut
dawnofthedead4040: why you such a slut for me? my sexy smooth thick legs?
phosejunkie26: because You are sooo sexxxy! i looooove Your smoooth thick legs
dawnofthedead4040: heres all of me for u

phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Your face is gourgeous
dawnofthedead4040: is it?
phosejunkie26: but Your legs n feet…Your face is beautiful!
dawnofthedead4040: maybe one day you fly me out to your place, and you pay me to do other things….
phosejunkie26: yessssssssssss are You in school or working?
dawnofthedead4040: both
phosejunkie26: safe always! i’d love to fly You here
dawnofthedead4040: maybe you need to tell me a fantasy to plant the idea for good…
phosejunkie26: You come stay with me. control me, use me. i pay You for every touch and sniff of Your amazing legs n feet. i buy You pantyhose. You make me wear in public…what type do You wear?
dawnofthedead4040: Silken Mist Nude
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i would buy You wolford seamless
dawnofthedead4040: So you would want me to make you my little hose slave, huh mmmmm….buy me some….id wear for you
phosejunkie26: yes yessssssssssssssss Your pantyhose slave

dawnofthedead4040: fuck yeah, I could dig that
phosejunkie26: do ANYTHING You ask
dawnofthedead4040: a trip, some money, and using you up until you pass the fuck out
phosejunkie26: yessssssssssss! more poppers?
dawnofthedead4040: go for it… I would do some with you while you suck my cock
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i would loooooooooooove You to cum on my face
dawnofthedead4040: you will wear a collar too
phosejunkie26: yessssssssssss Sir
dawnofthedead4040: and rub my legs while we lay in bed
phosejunkie26: i have one that says “bad dog”… caress Your legs
dawnofthedead4040: yes you will
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dawnofthedead4040: think you would blow just touching them?
phosejunkie26: yesssss
dawnofthedead4040: I would love that
phosejunkie26: smelling Your feet for sure!
dawnofthedead4040: I will wear hose on the plane so theyll be nice and rip for you
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhh god damp?
dawnofthedead4040: so damp
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
dawnofthedead4040: These hose your getting tonight? I am gonna wear them for a day
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
dawnofthedead4040: or longer if you want
phosejunkie26:  long enough to stink up the feet
dawnofthedead4040: should i put another layer of hose beneath the socks?
phosejunkie26: up to You Sir
dawnofthedead4040: that will warm them up nicer
dawnofthedead4040: I will show
phosejunkie26: thnk You Sir do You prefer Master?
dawnofthedead4040: I am your master
phosejunkie26: yessssssssssss You are my Master
dawnofthedead4040: Tell me what else slave wants from his master if he visits what kind of games?
phosejunkie26: i have a pantyhose tube we could fit in together. but mostly i want You to be satisfied. i hope You make me worship Your feet, would love it if i could dress like Robin for You…role-play
dawnofthedead4040: I want you to dress up as Robin, and pleasure me as best as you can show me how good you are at making Master moan for each string of precum, I will let you worship my feet until I need your mouth some more
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss Master here is my Robin costume
dawnofthedead4040: Here are the feet that you want so bad…

phosejunkie26: would You wear Riddler
dawnofthedead4040: sexy Robin
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the feet!
dawnofthedead4040: If Slave buys me costumes, I will play with him
phosejunkie26: yesss Master
dawnofthedead4040: That Robin looks like he wants to please me
phosejunkie26: he does !
dawnofthedead4040: Does he like my double hosed feet… does it make him go crazy? awwww.
phosejunkie26: he looooves them
dawnofthedead4040: I think Master may need to fuck Robin over that bar….if he is good
phosejunkie26: condom?
dawnofthedead4040: Yes, but you will be feeling so good you wont care
phosejunkie26: true!
dawnofthedead4040: In fact, I think Slave’s hole will be nice…. so small, delicate, just waiting for his Big Master to start to fuck it
phosejunkie26: very nice Master ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss
dawnofthedead4040: Show me all the stuff you learned from years of fucking
phosejunkie26: i will
dawnofthedead4040: Make Master scream
phosejunkie26: in ecstasy
dawnofthedead4040: Master can already tell you are going to be a incredible fuck…your legs make me nice and hard
phosejunkie26: will You finger me?
dawnofthedead4040: I will finger you deep
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
dawnofthedead4040: while I jam my foot in your face
phosejunkie26: snifffffffffffffffffffffffff
dawnofthedead4040: If Slave wants, we could land some viagra and fuck all day and night
phosejunkie26: yesss Master. but i’m bottom. don’t care if i get hard
dawnofthedead4040: mmmm….How bad do you want Master to lift those legs?
phosejunkie26: sooooooooooo badly!
dawnofthedead4040: Master loves your nude shimmering legs
phosejunkie26: thnk You Master
dawnofthedead4040: Tell Master what you think of him…That fucking butt will be mine….
phosejunkie26: i think You are the hottest pantyhose Man i’ve ever seen
dawnofthedead4040: The hottest Slave?
phosejunkie26: the hottest!
dawnofthedead4040: Thats right Slave…and it sounds like you might get a chance to have it
phosejunkie26: of course You can see all of my pics on flickr
dawnofthedead4040: I know….I can…How do you feel now Slave? still feel hot?
phosejunkie26: yesssssss Master
dawnofthedead4040: What other costumes does Slave want Master to play with him in?
phosejunkie26: Riddler
dawnofthedead4040: Where would you get the outfit?
phosejunkie26: i have it Master
dawnofthedead4040: I am pretty buff, at least for the Riddler 😉
phosejunkie26: i know!
dawnofthedead4040: So you want a Super Riddler…What does he do to helpless Robin?
phosejunkie26: makes him sniff his feet, knocking him out
dawnofthedead4040: for real, or role play?
phosejunkie26: roleplay
dawnofthedead4040: And then I will face fuck you while you lay on the ground
phosejunkie26: yesssssssssssssssssssss
dawnofthedead4040: you are such a feminine little Slave
phosejunkie26: i do crossdress
dawnofthedead4040: I like your normal look
phosejunkie26: thnk You Master
dawnofthedead4040: But if you are paying, then you are gonna get what you want 😉
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmm i’m paying
dawnofthedead4040: So, if you flew Master out to New Orleans for a few days, where he did anything and everything you needed, what would you pay?
phosejunkie26: 300 dollars plus travel…100 a day
dawnofthedead4040: Would Slave feed me so I can keep tearing him up?
phosejunkie26: of course
dawnofthedead4040: You know what, Slave?
phosejunkie26: what Master?
dawnofthedead4040: I think this summer you’re gonna be worshipping my legs live…
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmm thnk You Master
dawnofthedead4040: Three days of Slave pleasing me….all because of my legs….fuck yes
phosejunkie26: Your legs and feet! constant forced foot sniffing. i’d love to be out in the French Quarter and forced to sniff Your feet
dawnofthedead4040: Public sniffing might be a little extra…but I would let you do it
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm 50 extra?
dawnofthedead4040: Sniff away Slave…50 will do it’
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
dawnofthedead4040: How will I be dressed?
phosejunkie26: up to You
dawnofthedead4040: $50 for sniffing in public, while I wear sunglasses and jeans with hose underneath
phosejunkie26: well, if Yo come this summer, You will want to wer shorts
dawnofthedead4040: I will wear nude hose and shorts with sneakers outside for $75 a day, with sniffing priviledges
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes Sir
dawnofthedead4040: But we cant break any laws of indecency…otherwise, sniff me in public
phosejunkie26: yes Master mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
dawnofthedead4040: Will you want outside sniffing all three days?
phosejunkie26: yessssssssssss
dawnofthedead4040: You are gonna pay a pretty penny for my legs, huh Slave?
phosejunkie26: yes Master
dawnofthedead4040: I will make sure to get them nice and pretty for you too
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dawnofthedead4040: You want me tan?
phosejunkie26: yesssssssssssss
dawnofthedead4040: How tan? I can get dark…
phosejunkie26: very
dawnofthedead4040: Hairless all over?
phosejunkie26: all over want You to face sit me
dawnofthedead4040: As long as we’re inside, I will smother you
phosejunkie26: mphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dawnofthedead4040: Would you also like the socks and underwear that I am wearing tonight too?
phosejunkie26: yessssssssssssss
dawnofthedead4040: $75, for used hose, socks, and undies
phosejunkie26: yesssssssssss Master
dawnofthedead4040: I will blow the bulk of my load into the undies….for easy access
phosejunkie26: blow it in pantyhose
dawnofthedead4040: I actually have a hole with my cock popped out, but I am aim it in there
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
dawnofthedead4040: those pics…youre loving them
phosejunkie26: yessss Master
dawnofthedead4040: i love it you are so crazy for it
phosejunkie26: i am Masster
dawnofthedead4040: Are you even more excited to have me live?
phosejunkie26: yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssohhhhhhhhhhh soooo sheer….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dawnofthedead4040: slut
phosejunkie26: Your slut
dawnofthedead4040: yes you are
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
dawnofthedead4040: and you are gonna make it worth my while to visit
phosejunkie26: yessssssss Master
dawnofthedead4040: I will be spraying cum on your face constantly….
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh make me let it dry
dawnofthedead4040: you wanna wear it Master will cover you up
phosejunkie26: i wanna wear it!
dawnofthedead4040: We can spend an evening where I give you facials in bed, just use that mouth to inspire me
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss You cum more than once?
dawnofthedead4040: oh god yesssssss
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
dawnofthedead4040: I will pop some adderall and work you all night and day… I may even wait until you pass out and then pop one on you 😉
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love being unconscious
dawnofthedead4040: take some poppers and lose yourself
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dawnofthedead4040: I know I will love feeling that hole open wide
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dawnofthedead4040: in fact, I think you should shove your face into a pillow with poppers and inhale over and over while I pound you…get so wide I don’t even feel you
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssss Master wide ass hole
dawnofthedead4040: gaping
phosejunkie26: pulsing
dawnofthedead4040: mmmmmm Master is gonna love feeling your insides
phosejunkie26: deeeep
dawnofthedead4040: You are gonna teach me what a slut hole should feel like
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dawnofthedead4040: An older slave means a happy Master
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmm
dawnofthedead4040: you are gonna feel my silky legs and hear my young moans
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesss Massster
dawnofthedead4040: oh yes I can go forever Slave
phosejunkie26: i can accept Your cock forever
dawnofthedead4040: Brb…gotta piss
phosejunkie26: on me
dawnofthedead4040: Ohhhh….Slave likes that too?
phosejunkie26: yesssssssssssssssss
dawnofthedead4040: That might be a little extra…but Master can make it happen….
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cash rape yes Master
dawnofthedead4040: mmmm All done
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fingering myself now
dawnofthedead4040: take your time baby Master is going all night tonight
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my ass
dawnofthedead4040: yeah finger that
phosejunkie26: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dawnofthedead4040: awww he likes do the pics make it feel better?
phosejunkie26: yesssssssssssssss very much Master
dawnofthedead4040: Im juicy now
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dawnofthedead4040: put on a nice porn to go along with our talk
phosejunkie26: pantyhose porn fingering myself
dawnofthedead4040: no…i specialize in that 😉
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhh Your thighs
dawnofthedead4040: hmmm?
phosejunkie26: soooo thick, sooo smooth
dawnofthedead4040: yes they are boy
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
dawnofthedead4040: theyll be smooth for you Maybe even get them waxed?
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dawnofthedead4040: what other things will I dress up in for you
phosejunkie26: pantyhose n riddler costume
dawnofthedead4040: Fuck yeah, slut, this is gonna be fun
phosejunkie26: yessssssssssss Master
dawnofthedead4040: Pay me, caress my silky legs, ride my stiff cock, lay back as I spray your face sniff those feet, rub those creamy thighs
phosejunkie26: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm going to cum
dawnofthedead4040: yesssssssss do it slut cum for Master
phosejunkie26: I wanna pay You
dawnofthedead4040: Well, I will just be visiting you for a few days…whatever happens then we’ll just have to see 😉
phosejunkie26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want to sniff Your pantyhosed feet
dawnofthedead4040: You want my address?
phosejunkie26: email it to
dawnofthedead4040: k
phosejunkie26: i’ll send Your cash…hope for pantyhose in return
dawnofthedead4040: Oh, you’ll get it sweaty, sex and stained
phosejunkie26: k nice! i gotta turn in. dog wants out at 8aM
dawnofthedead4040: BTW, whats your name?
phosejunkie26: JJ
dawnofthedead4040: I hope you had fun with me tonight
phosejunkie26: more than ever!
dawnofthedead4040: It will be even more fun when I eventually make a visit out to see you…;)
phosejunkie26: no doubt!!!
dawnofthedead4040: 😉 Talk with you soon…and look for my email 😉
phosejunkie26: oh i will!
dawnofthedead4040: 😉
phosejunkie26: sweet dreams Master

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