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He is hot. He wrestles in hose. He is Esteban!

Seriously…that ass, though.







Fargo, ND

When did you first notice other boys wearing hose/who was the person who inspired you to try out hose?

Loved watching pro wrestling on tv, started noticing the spandex and tights.   Remember seeing Robbie V’s bulge through his unitard while he was being humiliated in the ring.    When I was 6 I would play wrestle with a neighbor girl.  She eventually admitted that she thought it was weird that boys and girls were wrestling so she asked if I would wear one of her one piece swimsuits and pretend to be a girl wrestler.   I didn’t think anything of it other than it felt amazing.   She liked our matches more after that and wanted to make me look even more the part.   Eventually she asked me to wear a pair of her pantyhose under the swimsuit.  I was officially hooked.

How old were you when hose became something you could associate with cumming?

I was 10 and would love to watch wrestling on tv.  If I was very lucky I could have some privacy to slip into a pair of pantyhose and pretend to be one of the wrestlers on tv while I stroked myself.

When did you first shave your legs and wear? If you don’t shave, please say why.

I first did it at 16.

What is your favorite brand/shade/denier of hose?

Wolford Neon 40 in Gobi.

When did you first have pantyhose sex? Male or female

I was 17. He was male.

What is your biggest fantasy involving pantyhose sex?

Tag team pro wrestling match. My partner gets knocked out and I get double teamed, beaten and humiliated.  Stripped down to my boots and pantyhose and forced to pleasure the sadistic team while the crowd watches.

When was the last time you wore/came while wearing?

Wore yesterday under my 2x tights when i went out for a run.  During last wrestling role play I was pinned and stroked until I was forced to cum all in my pantyhose

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