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Troy Taylor
Pacific Northwest.
How old were you when did you first notice other boys wearing hose/who was the person who inspired you to try out hose?
18 years old. I was asked to join a couple for a threesome. They both wore pantyhose, and the guys wife asked me to put a pair of her pantyhose on. So of course, I did.

How old were you when hose became something you could associate with cumming?
Since I was kid, I have loved seeing women wearing pantyhose.

When did you first shave your legs and wear? If you don’t shave, please say why.
Do not shave.

What is your favorite brand/shade/denier of hose?
Wolfords, Hanes, white, ivory, black, navy and brown, 30 Denier.

When did you first have pantyhose sex?

Have you ever had same sex pantyhose sex?
Involved in a threesome MFM.

What is your biggest fantasy involving pantyhose sex? Have you achieved it?
Having a pantyhose threesome, yes.

How did you come across The Pantyhose Kingdom? What are your thoughts on it?
Fetlife and he is a bro.

When was the last time you wore? When was the last time you came while wearing?
The other day.

And now for the bonus stuf! Tell me more about the new product you’re volunteering for…
This new kind of pantyhose is revolutionary. There is nothing like these pantyhose on the market. The material will be hard to replicate which makes these babies one of a kind. I came across these pantyhose completely on accident and after having seen what they can do and the constant video streaming of live portrayals of the prototypes. I was hooked. These pantyhose are extremely durable, guaranteed up to 50 wears and some. They are rip, snag, tear resistant and will hold up to even cutting with scissors!

Is this something men can wear as far as sizing goes?
Men can definitely wear these. Just like the pantyhose that are already on the market, the sizing is based on height and weight. The site, which I will include below, has a size chart.

What is the benefit of funding the hose before it’s released?

If you purchase these pantyhose before they hit the shelves, you become an investor so to speak so you are able to lock in the price of the pantyhose. Once these pantyhose hit the shelves…. the future of pantyhose will begin, and the price will most likely sky rocket. The company has already discussed offering a variety of colors. But that is down the line somewhere haha.

If you use the below link, you are guaranteed a 30-day money back trial, your purchase will be among the first shipment (Late September or early November).  

Sheertex Indestructible Sheer Tights!


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