Paul Duane Gallery


Paul Duane / “The Crossdressing Mormon Anarchist” 
Salt Lake City, Utah.
How old were you when did you first notice other boys wearing hose/who was the person who inspired you to try out hose?
I was many years into wearing hosiery before I ever became aware that other men did it. I just stumbled upon it on my own, I didn’t have an “inspiration”, per se.
So you never had a sexual draw to it? 

It certainly does have a sensual appeal. I don’t talk about my sex life publicly. 🙂 

When I wear hosiery, I enjoy the sensuality of it. I love how they feel on my skin, I love how they make my legs look, and I love it when people want to touch my legs. I regularly have women asking if they can caress my legs. It certainly can be exciting at times. Most of the time when I wear them, they are simply clothing that I like to wear, just like I enjoy a great pair of jeans and biker boots. It just depends on the occasion and what attire is best for the job the day.
I’m a public figure and I reserve certain parts of my energy for certain people in my life. Not everyone gets to have access to every part of me. Though if you’d like to peruse some of the sexy photographs I’ve made of my models in hosiery over the years, feel free to enjoy yourselves. 😉
When did you first start shaving your legs?
I discovered that I liked wearing hosiery when I was growing up. I didn’t think to shave my legs until I was in my 20’s. I tried it then. Nowdays, I keep my legs smooth all the time, and I have for years. It’s just part of my morning routine.
What is your favorite brand/shade/denier of hose?
Right now, I am LOVING the Lucido style by Cecilia de Rafael in nude. I wear a lot of black and grey, there’s something about the nude and greyhound that speaks to me aesthetically these days. Of course, I have days where I wear all black. Other brands and styles I love: Falke Pure Shine 15, Oroblu Makeup 20, Hudson Glamour 20, and for budget priced stuff, I just discovered Silca Gala 15’s (amazing quality for $8). The nude and grey color palate that speaks to me.
So why do you think you are so analytical about pantyhose versus passionate? Do you think religion ties into it?

It has nothing to do with religion. LOL. I’m just very particular about what I share in the public sphere. I want the woman in my life to know that she is the only one who gets to enjoy certain aspects of me.

How do Mormons react to your wearing/politicizing your wearing?
A lot of people think I’m a goddamn freak show, and that’s okay. When people react poorly, I know that it’s simply because I’ve silently forced them to ask some difficult questions that they are afraid to answer. Salt Lake City, despite being the home of the Mormon Church World Headquarters, is a very liberal, progressive city. Salt Lake City is very good to me.
In closing, any words of wisdom for hose wearing freaks like you and I?


Nobody will be more comfortable with you, than you are with yourself. You are the leader. If you want other people to 100% embrace your love of hosiery, you must be 110% comfortable with it.
I will rub legs to that!

For more info:

@ThePaulDuane on IG, TW, FB 

“The Paul Duane Show” on iTunes


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