Pantyhose King Models for! is a new kick-ass company from China that specializes in men’s pantyhose. Though they may not be the first in that group (from the admirable Legwear4Men to the anemic I See Your Legs), what makes Elsayx different from any male pantyhose producers is that they openly embrace the fetishistic side of pantyhose wearing. Their products range from pantyhose with cock sheaths or openings, nylon shorts with cock sheaths, full body pantyhose suits with cock sheaths and full body pantyhose suits with individualized spots for fingers and toes.

I first wore their gear for a photoshoot last winter, which you can see below:


You can imagine my surprise when I approached them, hoping to work out a deal where I offered advertising for trade (pantyhose is money in my book) when they offered me a chance to model their new line of male hosiery items!


(From Elsayx’s Instagram account)

The photoshoots themselves are ongoing but so far The Pantyhose King has made it into four different Instagram promotional spots and is hoping to be featured in their ad photography for Amazon!


Of course, more news as it comes but be sure to either stop by Elsayx’s Official site or check out their newly opened storefront!


If you have not tried their stuff, do! It looks as good as it feels (and vice versa)!


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