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When did you first notice other boys/girls wearing hose/who was the person who inspired you to try out hose? How old were you?

My female cousin always wore Pantyhose & Tights. She would wear to school everyday. I lived how her legs looked. After school, I stayed at my aunties house to do homework and my cousin would be shoe-less in hose. My auntie noticed that I would stare at her legs and feet and she asked if I be interested in trying on some tights….

So I agreed to and immediately fell in love. I was 10 yrs old at that time. My cousin was 11 yrs old. So everyday after school, my auntie would have me undress and wear only a T-shirt and hose to lounge around in and do homework. My parents never knew that my auntie introduced & encouraged me to wear

How old were you when hose became something you could associate with cumming?

For me, pantyhose is a fashion lifestyle, not really a sexual thing for me. It’s because pantyhose for me is about fashion. I think guys look great wearing pantyhose and tights. It doesn’t have to be sexual all the time.

That is not like any other men I have spoken to…you must find that frustrating…
No it’s not frustrating at all. My hose friends that I meet up with say that I’m lucky to have that much self control.

Do you have pantyhose sex?

I have had that in past. Male hose lovers tend to be to “clingy”…. Not my type of guy. My type of guy is sporty type…

You mean athletic.

Athletic is ok but prefer sporty. Meaning guys who play sports….not the gym type,
That’s called athletic.
Sporty guys are laid back, easy going and more open minded…from my experience.
Do you identify with the online community of male pantyhose wearers at all?

Do you think you’re very experienced?

Most of the guys that say they are into hose are more focused on “sexual side” of pantyhose fetish. Pantyhose lifestyle (for me) is about fashion look.
Yes, but that is not what I asked.
I like photos of guys wearing hose with natural men’s clothes. When I see photos of aroused bodies in hose is not what I’m looking for.
So I’m assuming you don’t want to answer the previous two questions?
What were the questions?
Do you identify with the online community of male pantyhose wearers at all? do you think you are very experienced (with men)?
If it’s sex….I’m only experienced with who I had that time with. I’m a male that wears pantyhose 24/7, ever since I was 10. I’m now 46, so that’s 36 yrs of wearing pantyhose openly, so YES, I’m experienced about pantyhose.
Ok. I tried.

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  1. Tye Lawson

    Smooth and shimmering pantyhose are a definite turn on. We all enjoyed the sensual touch of the smooth and silky pantyhose filled with joy and happiness.


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