Pics: Sharing DOES NOT Equal Caring

<!– wp:paragraph I recently was perusing Xhamster when I saw that a member of TPK Royalty Subscription has posted close to a 100 photos that are available to members only on his online profile, for the whole world to see.


I became enraged and contacted this person. I was bowled over the reason he, a paying member to my site, thought it would be alright to repost TPK’s exclusive, original, water-marked photographs. His reasoning was this:

“I did it to to help the site get publicity.

This statement, whether it was the truth or merely a last second attempt to cover-up being caught red-handed, is wrong. The now ex-member argued for a few seconds, deleted the photos in question and was banished from the TPK, never to return.

Because this happened, I feel like I should stress to all of you: TPK is an indie website. I am not just the creator of the site, but I am also the editor, the graphic design artist, a model, a model scout, model wrangler event planner and webcam performer.

Each of the models that submit here are submitting original pics; that is what makes the site special and why I charge for a membership. This site has photographs of men in pantyhose you cannot find elsewhere. Sure, there are some repeats that are accidentally thrown in here and there (and the occasional impostor posing as the model they’re purporting to be)but TPK prides itself on being an original content bearer to the pantyhose scene.

If you take advantage of becoming a member (and I hope you do) feel free to download and save any and all photos and videos (we all deserve a healthy pantyhose spank bank) but please, please, please do not share any of the pics you find here on any photo-sharing site. Each photo you share to the public decreases the value of the photo and the site’s ability to turn enough profit to keep it afloat (not to mention it makes me look like a liar and a conman).

You may now return to your regularly scheduled pantyhose orgasms.

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