1. Tightsswimmer

    Hi, TPK,
    Just to update you with my observations of some galleries which dont work; there seem to be an awful lot of them around this part of the main TPK page with issues; Erick Lopez Gallery 1 loads with loads of empty frames and its page address for some reason is under s different name (Justin Lopez). Erick Lopez gallery 2 is not a clickable link.
    Funkyhose 1 similarly loads with empty frames and no pics.
    Alanstuff Gallery link leads to ‘Oops, that page cannot be found’.
    Mark Gallerys link leads to just one picture with beneath it ‘Protected Mark I* beneath and a small grey box like a marker where a link or another photo should be.
    Pantybenen gallery 1 and Video Gallery 1 links both similarly lead to ‘oops this page cannot be found’.
    Video Series Hose Ecstacy I link leads to a page with ‘this content is password protected’ and I still cannot access it when I enter my password. this problem also affects a few more recent photo and video links.
    best of Luck in fixing all the problems (Is there anything that us members can do to help other than just reporting issues? Well done at least for sorting out some of the other broken links such as Squirtz in Hose, though!

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