Hose Role Modeling


Above is a quote I had with a long time follower of mine (he has known of me now for ten years-the very beginning of my presence as a man in pantyhose online) and this exchange really made my day.

I always wanted to be a model in pantyhose…but I never thought of myself as a “role model” in pantyhose!

Another moment between a fan that reminds me that sometimes it goes beyond the kink…


Pantyhose: the gift that keeps on giving!

Every so often, there comes a time when a fan will let me know that I made a difference to them in a way that I never would have thought possible…

This following clip of conversation came from a fan who ordered a solo vid of me and then was hit head-on by a car…

Imagine my surprise when he confessed the following to me in a conversation weeks after the event as he was getting better…


Now if that isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is…

And, in more self-centered news, I am proud to say I was Pinterested this past week (a fan was kind enough to let me know with this screenshot)…

IMG_9844 (2)

Perhaps not as inspiring as the first entry, but what can I say? I never knew I was Pinteresting!

Another especially moving message from a fan on StockingHQ chat…


It is hard to stay cynical with moments like this. Keep wearing those hose, guys!

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  1. Us men to have the nylon Gene typically has is very strong. For many of us, it is not about needing to cum, it is about needing to feel the silkiness of pantyhose on our bodies. For some, it is also about the look of pantyhose on us, while for even others, it is about being accepted by others. This pantyhose thing is much more complex other than, “Hey I like to wear pantyhose.” for many it is still something they do in the closet our of fear of rejections from their significant other, friends or family. Also the risk of wearing them in public and what will the reaction of others be. I have been wearing pantyhose off and on now since 1978. It took me until 1995 to tell someone what I liked to do. Then after that, it was very difficult to step foot outside. When I did, guess what, not one issue! Went outside again, and again, no issue. then the third time going out, and I received a compliment from a lady on how nice my legs looked. From there I was hooked. It is wonderful to put a paid on and walk around and not worrying about what others think. Now I am always cautious and very aware of my surroundings when I am in pantyhose, and there are times to this day that I will choose not to allow my pantyhose clad legs to be seen. Call it a gut instinct. Anyways, if you are curious about being out and about in pantyhose, take small steps, a few minutes at a time. The extend it for a few minutes, then maybe go walking for a couple of minutes then keep walking longer and further. The most important thing with this fetish is to HAVE FUN! Hope everyone has a fantastic pantyhose clad day!!!

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