Q&A: Hosecovered



Hosecovered or H.C.




N.Y.C. – Hudson County

When did you first notice other boys wearing hose/who was the person who inspired you to try out hose? How old were you?

I was 13 in eighth grade my best friend told me he and another guy on our football team dressed up as girls and went out with cheerleaders on Halloween. I was jealous that I was left out and before then I hadn’t considered wearing women’s clothes. I later went down to the basement and tried on my mom’s black one-piece bathing suit, it wasn’t quite right. I wanted to look good and knew I didn’t. I thought about it and later I did it again, but this time I put on a pair of mom’s pantyhose and I was hooked for life.

How old were you when hose became something you could associate with cumming?


When did you first shave your legs and wear?

I had very light hair, i don’t think I fully shaved my legs until I was in my late 20’s.

What is your favorite brand/shade/denier of hose?

I’m six foot four, so I like Just My Size pantyhose and tights. Black and coffee are my absolute favorite shades.

When did you first have pantyhose sex?

Not sure exactly, while I was still a teen.

What is your biggest fantasy involving pantyhose sex? Have you achieved it?

Just to be dressed in pantyhose and fetish wear in a manner that makes me feel powerfully sexy and that also appeals to and turns on my partner. I love licking pantyhose covered skin, sucking hose-covered toes and working my way up. Licking and kissing my nylon covered partner until I get so turned on I have to rip through their pantyhose to pleasure their cock or pussy with my mouth. As this occurs I’m conscious that I’m experiencing my fantasy – best feeling in the world. Such an incredible experience to be with someone who is turned on wearing pantyhose…Oh yes, I have achieved it.

When was the last time you wore?


When was the last time you came while wearing?

A day ago.

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