Kapow Meggings & a TPK Freebie

What goes best with pantyhose? Anything shiny and tight is a great start, and nothing beats shiny and tight quite like spandex.

And Kapow Meggings have taken spandex and style to a whole other level.

I wear them all the time, with my hose and without (but mostly with).

(This is me wearing the “Mr. Bonejangle” style. Admit it. They’re cool).


(They feel so good with the hose too. You guys know what I mean.)

Of course, I assume you now want one. Good.

And if the incredible feeling of the meggings wasn’t incentive enough, using my affiliate link to Kapow will earn you A FREE 6 MONTH TPK ROYALTY MEMBERSHIP!

Already are a member? Then you will get 6 MONTHS ADDED TO YOUR EXISTING MEMBERSHIP!

I will beĀ LINKING TO KAPOW all over the site. I will also use ads like this one below:

Just click on over and peruse the catalogue. The stuff is awesome.

Side note: The “Mr. Bonejangle” is even on sale right now.

Meggings and hose go together. You know it, I know it. So go get yourself a pair and then write me about how right I was to tell you about Kapow. I don’t mind waiting. I have very little of a social life.


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