7 responses to The Pantyhose King: Fun with Colors

  1. My mom was instrumental in my life for the first time I started to feel the need to slip into my nylons. The incredible and sensuously luxurious nylons rubbing against me and my panties were creaming me!

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  2. My mom was very understanding of the time she had caught me borrowing her panty hose and panties. She said “It’s okay baby, I know that you have needs. You can use my panties and panty hose and even wear them if they make you happy. I was just thrilled that she was OK with it.


    • Mom said she was fine with me wearing pantyhose and high heels too. As a teenager who has a intense fetish for nylons and high 👠 heels. My mom was so excited for me to show her how I masturbated in my panty hose. She said “Do you think of your own mother while masturbating in her nylons”? “Of course you do”. I know that I was committing incest but it felt so right.


  3. Kim says:

    We are all wet and ready for a new adventure in our sleek, smooth cock clad pantyhose….. Cock hard, slick, smooth and silky ready to take a ride…..


  4. Tye Lawson says:

    Fun with colors pretty PANTYHOSE FILLED WITH hard smooth and silky cock to.have and hold. Ohhhh YES I have to get some. Rub it on my nylons and enjoy the texture of course.


  5. Reblogged this on Pantyhose 4 all and commented:
    So colorful and pretty. Mom said she was needing to feel the panty hose on her legs too. After all, mom is very understanding of the fact that I am wearing my pantyhose too.


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