Who Does TPK Cater To?


TPK was created by a man into pantyhose (me) who loves other men in pantyhose. That’s right. It’s a gay/bisexual male pantyhose website.

Example 1: Me and a bisexual guy (he’s in the dark hose).


Example 2: Me (receiving the blow job) and a gay guy.

FullSizeRender (31)

I know. It’s a thin line…especially when you are having sex.

In any case, that is what TPK is: male-centric, male-focused and, bisexual or not, man-on-man. So if you’re looking for ladies or the occasional MMF, you’re in the wrong place. If not, subscribe and get ready to pop a boner in that silky pair of pantyhose ASAP!


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  1. kimspantyhoseblog

    Gonna have to subscribe to the goings-on in the sensuous luxurious tactile sensation that I am loving. 💋 Hard cock in shimmering sheer smooth panty hose and high heels too. “O” Open for a nice taste of what you want.

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