TPK & The Future: 2018

Hello all you regal hosed men,

Many of you may have noticed that I run, for the most part, a completely free site. Free, that is, to the fans. Your king is saddled with responsibilities such as web hosting, content creation, approaching models (and modeling himself), uploading, designing, transcribing. In short: It takes a lot of work to run a kingdom…and this King has worked as hard as he can.

Today a fan wrote demanding I keep all the content free (even though my generous subscribers/sponsors have helped immeasurably with keeping things freer than they realize) and, basically, took to a public forum to insult my site.

That fan, needless to say, is banished, blocked and booted. But he did bring about a tough realization for the upcoming year of TPK.

Free content will continue be posted…however after a certain amount of time this free content will lock and only be accessible to TPK Royalty Members. Additionally, all images posted in the free sections will be small resolution and only large resolution will be available through subscription as well.

I realize this may upset a lot of people. It may doom the website. But even my love for pantyhose can only go so far before paying out of pocket becomes less like altruism and more like expected public service.

That said, I am open to any questions/comments (of the polite kind) and I look forward to all the goodies 2018 will have in store for the site.



  1. Peter_A

    Aaron, I have no problem being a Royalty member in the near future but as rude as this individual was he did you a favor (and I think you recognized that). Nobody asked you to create a site and do what you do. You did it on your own volition and yeah, it does take work. A lot of work. And viewers and lurkers and members can be jerks as much as supporters. 2X before I ‘helped’ pantyhose sites. One gay pantyhose site on yahoo and one (female) hetero site that was pay. Both had the same issue you are encountering now. The maintenance of members alone turned out to be a huge job. As a webmaster/creator you almost have to become a dictator of sorts. Not everyone can be a fan once you are established as some folks become ‘flaky’. Its a reason I stay at arms length but support what you do. all I ask is that you keep wearing pantyhose and get other guys to do the same. and show us! I love it!

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