Hosed: Update #1

So HOSED (the first official pantyhose porn of TPK starring yours truly) is set for filming this month. Producing, directing, budgeting and starring in a porn is, believe or not, a daunting task! Casting has been a bitch. There have been flaky actors (“Do you I have to show my face?” is the most ridiculous and redundant question I heard by far), posers pretending to be flaky actors, delusional men who think they’re actors (and they are, in their own head) and worst (or is best?) of all, the hot guys who came over, wore hose and “rehearsed” with me and then suddenly went MIA.

That said, the film has been cast and now I can focus on the good stuff. My cameraman/editor is amazing. To all the donors out there who pitched in THANK YOU (and you will be thanked in many,  naughty ways for a long time) and to everyone else who is either waiting for the release BE PATIENT! I want this to be the first of many and that means it cannot be rushed. Quality hose porn needs quality attention, no?

Below are me and my costar “rehearsing” from the other night. Fun fact: he blew me for an hour while rubbing my hosed legs and I think I actually went to another planet it felt so good!

More news as I cum…er…as it comes!



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