Sexting as a Slave


(The above photo is me and the mystery man circa 2007. All the photos of me below are also from that same era.)

I wasn’t always a king. In fact, there was a time where I toyed around with being a slave. Of course, I was young, but I feel like it gave me a good perspective into what makes a healthy dom/sub dynamic.

The guy who the following conversation is with was one of my first and favorite men in pantyhose on those early days of Flickr.  His legs were smooth and in nude pantyhose often and, unlike most men, he was not afraid to show his face. He taught me it’s not my problem if the world can’t handle seeing me wear pantyhose…and now I wear publicly without fear.

This little exchange gave me a lot of confidence and was a big step from me stepping into my own belief in my own hotness.

Enjoy the XXX.

-Pantyhose King


dawnofthedead4040: OMG the sexy P****y M******!

fmangiacascale: hey

dawnofthedead4040: OMG

dawnofthedead4040: I have had a crush on you for years!

fmangiacascale: thanks

dawnofthedead4040: when did u first get into hose? and when was ur first time shaving? SWEET!

fmangiacascale: first time in hose …I think I was 8 or 9,I started shaving  14 years ago

dawnofthedead4040: my absolute fav of yours is the blue shorts/sheer hose…SO HOT…Me too. My pics are nothing compared to yours but I thought I should send a few anyway

fmangiacascale: thank you! nice pics!!!

dawnofthedead4040: you like?!

fmangiacascale: yes

dawnofthedead4040: thats AWESOME….one of the sexiest men on FLICKR likes my pics! do you have any special type of pics u like?

fmangiacascale: Thank you , but I don’t think I’m that sexy!!!

dawnofthedead4040: you are FUCKING SEXY. I first saw ur pics when I was like 25. I nearly lost it. you made me hard already

fmangiacascale: how old are you now?

dawnofthedead4040: 29…these pics here…you have no idea how many times i came to them

fmangiacascale: ..I’m glad you like it!!!

dawnofthedead4040: whoever has u as a guy is lucky! Definitely some of the best pics on the site

fmangiacascale: well…he doesn’t complain

dawnofthedead4040: haha! why would he?

fmangiacascale: I like your legs

dawnofthedead4040: the feeling is mutual! this is so crazy hotyoure like my fantasy man and you like my legs! I wish I could kiss you (friendly) if you want more, I have them….when you wear pantyhose, do you masturbate in them?

fmangiacascale: well…with me is not only about hose,but as you can see I like to wear everything else,and I have a big passion for high heels!!! for me is not the same without

dawnofthedead4040: well, when you are in your outfit, do you feel sexual? I have to cum in my hose…eventually….

fmangiacascale: yes ..and sometime I come on my hose ,panty..etc…

dawnofthedead4040: oh wow does ur boyfriend do it too with you? or is it something you do alone?

fmangiacascale: he is not into this but he let me dress-up anytime I want…when we have sex I usually wear something

dawnofthedead4040: unhhhh are you dressed up now? just the thought of you makes me so crazy…you gotta do another photo session with sheers and some kind of black top, without heels, and then with’

fmangiacascale: you are not weird…today I’m very boring, nothing special on…sorry

dawnofthedead4040: would you like to see something that proves ur hot?

fmangiacascale: …..go on


dawnofthedead4040: thats from talking to you hope I didn’t go too far….

fmangiacascale: good to know I still have that effect on men …hehe

dawnofthedead4040: I am a very sexual guy…multiple cummer and you could make cum just by touching my leg or looking at me I would be wild and if you were single, I would let you do anything you needed to get off as hard as can mmmmmm baby ur so hot fucking AMAZING do you like having a little love slave? even if he’s just a penpal…you get me soooo wet tooo

fmangiacascale: good. I like that

dawnofthedead4040: fuck wow baby if we could be together, what could i do for you? besides worship those legs that chest yessss kiss those legs from top to bottom if it were just pretend what could I do for you baby? i got a big wet dick and I will be ur slave could i suck on that silky bulge?

fmangiacascale: I looking for some older pictures, wait…

dawnofthedead4040: mmmm look what u do to me….

fmangiacascale: good…slave.

dawnofthedead4040: im ur fucking slave tell me what I should do for my sexy master what does he need so I can make him cummmmm a cock shot for u master mmmmm I am so grateful to see these HOT PICS you need me to suck you I can tell My lips are nice and big

fmangiacascale: yes

dawnofthedead4040: Stand up and look down on me as I suck that cock

fmangiacascale: suck me

dawnofthedead4040: stuff my mouth and drip onto my lips, while I gently smear the tip and rub your legs are they as soft as I imagine master?

fmangiacascale: yes

dawnofthedead4040: I am gonna open my throat for you….just start thrusting master

fmangiacascale: I fuck your mouth.

dawnofthedead4040: fuck it hard please fuck it hard let me close my throat on it clamp on your tip, grab your silky ass and hold you inside me how am i doing master? are u wet?

fmangiacascale: yes…now play with your cock

dawnofthedead4040: yessssss….my master is dripping my cock is flopping around as i continue to swirl my mouth on ur cock it’s hard as fuck and the tip is sooooo wet

fmangiacascale: touch it ! make it hard…my cock is hard inside your mouth

dawnofthedead4040: im jerking it…it’s sooooo hard…push ur cock further inside my mouth baby teach me how master likes it

fmangiacascale: yes…feel it

dawnofthedead4040: ooooh, master may I pull those panties down a bit and see your beautiful ass?

fmangiacascale: yes do it

dawnofthedead4040: pulling them down…Im hungry master I wanna taste you on both sides, please

fmangiacascale: do you like my ass?

dawnofthedead4040: I love it master I want to stick my beard and tongue deep inside it can i please?

fmangiacascale: yes

dawnofthedead4040: i spread your cheeks a little and tickle you with my beard…am I a good slave master? tell me that I am making you happy and I will go into that ass so hard

fmangiacascale: good …you are so good

dawnofthedead4040: my tongue is deep inside you I want my master to bend over and spread so I can get all of him on my tongue pump that beautiful butt up to my hungry mouth

fmangiacascale: put your hard cock inside me

dawnofthedead4040: Master….you mean it? You want ur slave boy to fuck you?

fmangiacascale: yes…do as I say

dawnofthedead4040: thank you so much master…my cock is ready for you…I push it inside you…..this is a dream

fmangiacascale: yes..

dawnofthedead4040: Am I worthy of this hot ass sir?

fmangiacascale: yes …push it

dawnofthedead4040: How do you want ur slave to fuck you? My cock is inside and throbbing…yessss…it’s pounding for you master…i start thrusting…fuck Master….you are a pantyhose to me master…let me hear you as I fuck your beautiful ass…unhhhhhhh

fmangiacascale: you make me wet

dawnofthedead4040: yessss my dick is thrusting harder

fmangiacascale: I’m nearly there

dawnofthedead4040: stick ur juices in my mouth as I pound from behind…yes master…..: im going harder now

fmangiacascale: yes

dawnofthedead4040: How does Master like slave’s fat dick and thighs? Im going harder, hold on to something master,I am a big slave

fmangiacascale: yes..fuck me

dawnofthedead4040: fuck yes I will fuck my Master forever and ever

fmangiacascale: I’m almost there


dawnofthedead4040: I want to hear him moan , pumping him harder ,fuck me my master…you are so amazing on my cock…my hands are rubbing your back and hair…beautiful master

fmangiacascale: cum inside me

dawnofthedead4040: that ass is jiggling so nice  mmmmm..Master needs me to cum a hot load?

fmangiacascale: yes…now

dawnofthedead4040: unhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk

fmangiacascale: good boy

dawnofthedead4040: Master…I have more…can I keep going?

fmangiacascale: yes

dawnofthedead4040: let me fuck the cum out of u

fmangiacascale: give me more

dawnofthedead4040: yes need slave dick…I need Master ass fucker you soooooo hot…call me your slave …tell me to please you

fmangiacascale: yes you are my little slave

dawnofthedead4040: yes I am

fmangiacascale: now suck my cock

dawnofthedead4040: your ass is so soggy now with me, yes Master

fmangiacascale: I want to cum inside your mouth

dawnofthedead4040: I am on my knees, my mouth is open and look at me be a good boy

fmangiacascale: yes …I’m fucking your mouth

dawnofthedead4040: mmmmmm

fmangiacascale: I’m going to cum any second now

dawnofthedead4040: fucking cum in my mouth

fmangiacascale: do you want my hot juice

dawnofthedead4040: yessssss please

fmangiacascale: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

dawnofthedead4040: yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

fmangiacascale: it’s yours

dawnofthedead4040: yummmmmmmmmm feel me swallow on you….

fmangiacascale: clean me up

dawnofthedead4040: im sucking you hard and pinching you with my throat drip until you let me have every bit of Master

fmangiacascale: yes …clean me well

dawnofthedead4040: I will clean you up and I will clean your back too I will clean up my beautiful Master how is my master feeling?

fmangiacascale: good

dawnofthedead4040: is he ready for me to clean his ass? I must clean up the mess I made with my dick

fmangiacascale: yes

dawnofthedead4040: I lay back and you sit down and smother me so I can get it all out is your hole nice and loose from your slave? sit your ass on my face master please let me get it alllll

fmangiacascale: ok

dawnofthedead4040: release into my mouth please mmmmmmm I taste me and Master I am still jerking off too

fmangiacascale: good boy

dawnofthedead4040: my tongue drives into you deeeeeeeeep I pull you down into my tongue while I jerk my cock with the other clean my master


fmangiacascale: ok…little slave

dawnofthedead4040: how did I do Master? Was I a good boy?

fmangiacascale: very well!!!I have to leave you…would you be a good boy?

dawnofthedead4040: I will be a good boy did my master cum nice?

fmangiacascale: yes I did!!

dawnofthedead4040: Thank you Master I am your slave whenever you need it

fmangiacascale: will you think of me?

dawnofthedead4040: I will beat off to this all day and tonight I am charged by my Master

fmangiacascale: good…I kiss you for now….until next time

dawnofthedead4040: A kiss….wowThank you again beautiful Master until next time….i cant wait

fmangiacascale: xxxx

dawnofthedead4040: xxxxx



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