Hosed @ the Gym

A lot of people ask me if I wear in public, yet when I tell them I most likely to be wearing at the gym they often say “That is a place where I feel like I would be noticed the most”.

This could not be more wrong.

Here’s why:

  1. Gyms are places where people go to focus on themselves. Truly, nobody will give a shit what you’re wearing as long as it distracting to anyone’s workouts. Side note: If someone is focused on your “shocking” pantyhosed legs, they probably are harboring jealousy and an erection.
  2. Men wear workout tights there constantly. Why is spandex hugging your leg socially acceptable, yet nylon hugging your legs isn’t? That, my friends, is flawed logic.

So if you wanna wear in the public, give the gym a go. I did this morning, with Silken Mist ultra sheer nude base and black nylon knee highs.

Squatting never felt so sexy.


  1. Pantyhoseluvr

    You’re so right! The gym is a great place for public pantyhose wearing! I go to the gym three nights a week and have been wearing for over three months now. There is nothing that makes a workout more stimulating than wearing pantyhose. My brand of choice for the gym is Leggs Sheer Energy suntan. Not only do they make my legs look great, but I love the feeling of their firm support. Even though they have a bit of sheen in the florescent lights, so far, if anyone has noticed, no one has said anything. And, while I’m glad I haven’t had to deal with any negative comments, in the back of my mind I’ve been hoping for some positive feedback like from some gym stud who might cop a feel which might lead to…well, a guy can hope!

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