Welcome to My Kingdom

Welcome to the Pantyhose Kingdom.

This is a site where men with a fetish for pantyhose can see all new material with models that actually love pantyhose the way you do. We are talking all original material, special requests, one-on-one connections and even some appearances from yours truly (I am the big guy in the portrait below).

Disclaimer: This site is for adults only. This means 18+ in the US. This site features material that is NSFW. All models are of legal age and everything here is done by the book.

That said, stick around as we erect (hehe) the monument that shall soon become:




  1. Pantyhoseluvr

    The Pantyhose Kingdom is off to a great start! Already lots of super stimulating photos and content! Keep up the great work. Life begins when you put your pantyhose on!

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