Me and Pantyhose

Where to start?

There was once a kid who wore pantyhose in shame.

That kid grew into a man who realized: Nobody tells me what to do with my body, I wear what I want and anyone who gives a shit has some issues of their own to deal with.

The man now wears pantyhose to the gym, to the store and, most importantly, to bed (with other guys who I have turned onto the idea of wearing).

The truth is: pantyhose makes legs look nice and feel even nicer (with shaved legs, which I will go into later).

Most pantyhose fetishists go their entire lives hiding an amazing part of their sexuality simply because other people might judge them. Of course, there are situations where homophobia and close-minded bigots have an upper hand but if pantyhose are part of your sexual DNA, you should embrace it, love it and expect anyone who wants to love you to realize you come as a package deal.

If you are here, you too were once a kid who wore pantyhose in shame.

Now you’re a man that makes his own decisions…

And if that decision is to slide on a sheer, silky pair of pantyhose all I can say is…

You made the right decision.





  1. Pantyhoseluvr

    What a great site! I totally relate to what you’re saying, ad couldn’t agree more! It’s high time for men to assert their right to be who we are and wear what we find comfortable as well as sexually stimulating. I’ve been loving and wearing pantyhose since my pre-teen years which lead to years of pantyhose driven crossdressing. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized it’s all about the pantyhose and while I still enjoy aspects of crossdressing, I’m very content just to be a man in pantyhose. And as a man in pantyhose, I’m tired of hiding who I am! I started wearing pantyhose with shorts to the gym several months ago and plan to greatly expand my public wearing as soon as this cold northern climate permits. I also have to say that I’m totally turned on seeing other men in pantyhose, and love all the hot photos here! Maybe as I start wearing more openly I’ll find another pantyhose man to share my passion with!

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